Nioxin – My Little Hair Hero……
Thu, May 18, 17

Nioxin – My Little Hair Hero……

Hey everybody!! Linda here from Millies.

Hope you’re all having a great week! I wanted to chat about a hair issue that I feel I’m starting to see more and more of with clients coming into the store or through over the phone enquiries – Thinning Hair.

In the past this was a problem mostly associated with men and if people were suffering from thinning hair for one reason or another they really felt that this was just what life had dealt them and they just had to put up with it. This is definitely not the case and I'm finding that people are much more pro-active now in finding solutions to their thinning hair issues and having really successful results.

hair loss

I myself come from a family of girls who are known for our thick hair. My mother and sisters spend their lives wishing they had finer hair as it’s so hard to manage very thick hair but a few years ago my hair totally changed and I can now tell them they should be grateful for their luscious locks and not to see it as a bad thing.

About 6 years ago after a very stressful time, I suddenly found that my hair was pretty much falling out in clumps when I washed it in the shower and I found that the front of my hair and especially around my hair line had become very fine and my hair line had started to recede in 2 spots on either side of my forehead. I knew that stress was the cause and of course I became very stressed and worried about my hair loss so this only made the problem worse! There are many different causes of hair loss such as illness/alopecia , genetics, taking certain medications, poor diet and poor hair care habits such as over-styling, badly applied extensions and tying the hair up very tightly all the time.  I’m definitely not an expert so I would suggest talking to either your hair dresser or your GP to determine the cause of your hair loss but here I will outline what I did to help with my thinning hair and what worked for me.


It was by total coincidence that around this time I started working at Millies and I saw that we stocked the Nioxin range of products and I said that id give it a try. The system consists of a 3 step programme.

  • A Cleanser (shampoo) which removes any residue such as our natural residue, that we all have on our scalp, or product residue that may be lying on the scalp and stopping new hair from growing through.
  • A Scalp Revitaliser (conditioner) which is applied directly to the scalp and them combed through the lengths and ends. This stimulates the scalp to bring new blood supply and cells to the surface of the scalp with improves the circulation and in turn stimulates new hair growth.
  • A Scalp Treatment which is massaged into the scalp after towel drying the hair and is left on the scalp to work. This treatment carries on the stimulation of the scalp between shampoos to always have the new hair growth being activated.


Obviously the more often the system is used the quicker you will see results and I tried to use it as often as I could. Within a few days I felt that Nioxin was giving my hair more density, which means that it was expanding each hair fibre to give my hair a fuller look and feel. It also didn’t weigh my find hair down which was a bonus. I would say though that because the Scalp Revitaliser (conditioner) is designed to stimulate the scalp I did need to use a separate hair mask once a week to keep my lengths and ends nourished.

After 30 days I couldn’t believe it, but I could see that start of some slight baby hair growth coming back to my hair line – to say the excitement was mighty was an understatement so I purchased another kit to try it for another month. Fast forward to today and this is the only shampoo and conditioner I still use to this day. I do still use masks and different treatments from Kerastase or Redken to keep my hair nourished but Nioxin will forever be my little hair hero!! I always suffered from dry scalp before using Nioxin and I find if I even venture to try another shampoo my dry scalp returns instantly.  My hair is now so much thicker and my hair line is completely back to how it was before – I really can’t recommend it enough.

If my story sounds familiar to you or you know someone in this situation please don’t suffer in silence as there are solutions out there. Never hesitate to give me a call on 045530535 or pop into our store in Kildare and I can recommend which of the Nioxin Systems would be best for you to use. It definitely worth a try!!