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So why go for a mineral makeup?

Have you been dipping in and out of different makeup brands? I can honestly say I have tried nearly every makeup brand on the market. If you have not tried Bare minerals you are in for a surprise.

If, like me, you love clear breakout free skin, then a mineral makeup is for you. Mineral means it originates from untouched soil, so it’s 100% natural and allows your skin to breath. When mineral makeup first came about in the 70’s a lot of people didn’t think it would last as a brand, as they didn’t think a loose mineral foundation could achieve the same finish as a liquid. Bare Minerals proved them wrong and not only did they achieve flawless coverage but everyone who used the makeup noticed dramatic changes in their skin.

Bare Minerals are now one of the biggest and fastest growing makeup brands world-wide and I think that speaks for itself. It has a fantastic range of foundations such as Loose Foundation, Liquid, Pressed and Matte. You can achieve any finished look with these Foundations such as natural to full flawless coverage.

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The Original

This Award Winning Crushed Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 achieves light to full flawless coverage, depending on your needs. The Original product that Bare Minerals started with, it is for all skin types as well as mature skin, and it gives your skin that luminosity or “glow from within” with its illuminating particles. You won’t be disappointed with this foundation.


If you have oily skin and love the absolutely matte finish then Bare Minerals Matte Crushed Mineral Foundation is for you. It is similar to the original foundation except for the illuminating particles. It is brilliant for absorbing oil throughout the day and is very long lasting. It also contains anti-ageing ingredients to treat your skin while you wear it.


This beautiful long wearing, pressed foundation covers everything yet feels like nothing. What makes it unique is that it has 108% increase in hydration levels so keeps your skin feeling smooth, fresh and younger looking. It is made from pure crushed minerals from the earth, it may look like a powder, but it feels like a cream and when buffed correctly goes on like silk. A must have for dry skin conditions.

Bare Skin Serum Foundation

This is the first ever Mineral Foundation and skin care serum in one!! EEEK!!! The ultra-thin fluid makes it unique in that it is so light on your skin but you can still achieve natural to full coverage. All you oily skin people do not be put off by it being a serum.. There is no oil in this product so it is suitable for oily skin. If you suffer from pigmentation and uneven skin tone this is ideal. You will see a dramatic improvement in your skin condition and tone within 6 weeks of use. Yet another Fab Foundation from Bare Minerals.



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