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Cutex® nail and Hand care products came in with a roar in the 20’s - Generations of women have depended on Cutex®, for the past 100 years for flawless nails which may be the reason why Cutex®, is the most popular brand of nail polish removers today. From the roaring 20’s, through the hip 60’s and now in the new millennium, Cutex®, has been a driving force in the nail care industry.

Cutex® nail polish remover today: Cutex® is a tried & trusted nail care brand that continues to offer scientifically-advanced patented unique nail polish remover formulas, up-to-the-minute products and solutions for your essential nail care routine. Cutex have developed nail polish removal formulas for artificial and natural nails, and is proven to work twice as fast as other nail polish removers! Whatever form Cutex® nail polish remover you choose, liquid, convenient single pads, sponge-filled jar or the professional pump bottle - Cutex® is specially formulated to quickly and gently wipe clean the nail and nail bed without irritating or drying out cuticles.


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