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A Guide to Long Healthy Hair
Fri, Jan 28, 22

A Guide to Long Healthy Hair

Long hair has become extraordinarily popular over the last few years, thanks to social media and fashion trends displaying long waves and hip skimming braids. But with all the heat styling and colour processes that are also in vogue often people get stuck with fine and bitty, broken ends that are anything but desirable. So, what can be done to achieve long flowing locks? Well, the answer is quite a few things, such as supplements, scalp stimulators, and anti-breakage haircare. Below are some of our must popular options for supporting and fortifying long hairstyles. Along with quality equipment and a gentle approach these products will help you towards an optimal hair growth environment.

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Programme

Viviscal is a dietary supplement designed to boost your body’s levels of Amino Acid, vitamin C, Biotin (vitamin B7), and protein intake, all of which are associated with healthy and consistent hair growth. They work to strengthen and repair damage hair and encourage a healthier scalp. Suitable for both men and women concerned by hair loss or thinning 2 tablets a day should be consumed for a minimum of 3 months, consistently, to improve have density, shine, and overall appearance. It will help you to grow your hair to it’s maximum potential, while supporting the condition from the inside, out.

Nioxin Hair System Kit 4

A firm favourite of mine Nioxin not only stimulates healthy blood flow to the scalp, it also helps to strengthen your hair from root to tip. The cleanser works to remove any build up and clarify the follicles to allow fine new strands of hair push through the surface. The conditioner is not a conventional hair conditioner, it is instead a scalp moisturiser that will slightly nourish your hair, but a separate conditioner is recommended to secure to good condition, and healthy growth of your lengths and ends of your hair. Nioxin helps to fight hair fall from the follicle, works to increase the density of each strand, and must be used consistently for approximately 3-6 months before having visible results.

Nioxin Night Density Rescue Overnight Treatment

Another great offering from Nioxin, this is overnight treatment is easy to apply and disappears into your scalp by morning. It works based on reducing oxidation of the scalp, improving the functionality of the scalp, and slowing the fall of hair from the scalp. This allows your hair to grow to its maximum length while also fortifying each strand, the density of each strand is also increased. It is proven to take effect in as little as 8 weeks, adding root lift and volume to your finished style.

Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste - Long & Strong Bundle with Free Elixir

Not everyone struggles with their scalp though, some people have extreme breakage throughout their hair, and this is what prevents them having long locks. This is a common occurrence for those who like to change up their colour frequently or have a heavy hand with their heated stylers. Kerastase have identified this concern and formulated a full range dedicated to strengthening and repairing your lengths and ends, while also supporting a healthy scalp. It fights split ends, preventing them from travelling up along the hair shaft, it revitalises long hair making It look fresh, healthy, strong, and glossy. This bundle is ideal for those who want to comprehensively care for long hair including cleansing, nourishing, repairing, and protecting. Addressing every step of the styling process.

NAK Scalp to Hair Mineral Defence Leave in Treatment

This is a great multifunctional product which works to bring harmony to scalp suffering from excessive oil production, product residue and the absorption of free radicles. It also acts to stimulate your follicles and encourage healthy hair growth. Oil clogged follicles can really scupper your plans for long healthy hair but NAK Scalp to Hair Mineral Defence Leave in Treatment will restore balance to the scalp surface and infuse your hair follicles with nutrients. The key to heathy hair is a healthy environment, which can be surprisingly affected by unwanted scalp build up.

This selection of products will go a long way to giving you the long length you are looking for, but if you feel you have any questions or concerns, we can help you with, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

Fiona O’Connor

Head Educator, Haircare Department

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