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Millies’ Guide to the 5 Best Hair Straighteners in Ireland for 2024
Tue, Apr 23, 24

Millies’ Guide to the 5 Best Hair Straighteners in Ireland for 2024

Struggling with thick, frizzy, or curly hair can be a daily struggle. You deserve smooth, manageable hair, and we're here to help! We've explored and evaluated the best hair straighteners available in Ireland to bring you our top five picks for 2024.

This collection, which includes well-known brands like GHD and Beauty Works, is perfect for managing any hair type, whether it's thick, curly, or frizzy hair. With these straighteners, you can easily achieve the look you get from a salon, right in the comfort of your own home.

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1. GHD Platinum+ Styler 

Elevate your hair game with the GHD Platinum+ Styler! This tool features advanced predictive technology, adapting heat distribution to your hair's needs for flawless results in just one stroke. Its precision-milled plates and wishbone hinge offer snag-free styling and superior control, allowing you to effortlessly create sleek styles, soft curls, or beachy waves. Plus, with its automatic sleep mode, you'll never have to worry if you leave your straightener on again. It's perfect for all hair types, ensuring your hair is shinier and frizz-free.

2. L’Oréal Professional SteamPod 4.0

Meet the revolutionary L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 4.0, a game-changer in hair styling! Utilising patented steam technology, this tool not only straightens but can also create waves or curls with minimal damage. Featuring three adjustable heat settings and wider plates for faster styling, the SteamPod 4.0 is designed for ease and versatility. 

Its ergonomic design and steam-optimising combs promise up to three times faster styling and 80% less damage, making it a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

3. The Dyson Corrale 

Discover the cutting-edge Dyson Corrale, with its unique flexing copper plates promising precise styling with less heat and damage. Ideal for any hair type, this cord-free wonder is powered by a robust 4-cell lithium-ion battery, allowing up to 30 minutes of untethered use. 

Choose from several stylish colours available at Millies and transform your hair styling experience!

4. Beauty Works Hair Straightener 

Achieve salon-quality sleekness with the Beauty Works Hair Straightener. Its advanced ceramic heat technology ensures rapid heating and stellar heat recovery. The extra-long, gold ceramic-coated plates glide effortlessly through your hair, delivering long-lasting, frizz-free results. With adjustable heat settings from 80°C to 220°C, it's tailored to work with all hair types, including Beauty Works extensions.

5. GHD Original Professional Styler

The GHD Original Professional Styler is the ultimate styling tool designed to meet all your hair needs. Whether you're creating curls, adding volume, or crafting impeccably straight styles, this straightener's advanced technology and smart features provide unmatched styling precision. 

It's the perfect choice for those on a budget seeking professional-quality results without breaking the bank.

Hair Straightener FAQs

What is the best cordless hair straightener?

The Dyson Corrale stands out as the best cordless option. It features innovative flexing plates that style effectively with less heat, minimising hair damage.

What is the best wet-to-dry hair straightener?

The best wet-to-dry hair straightener is the GHD Duet Style 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler. This innovative tool combines GHD's heat styling technologies, allowing you to dry and style your hair simultaneously. It features a combination of air-fusion technology and four smart heated styling plates, which effectively dry, straighten, and style wet hair without causing damage, leaving your hair incredibly soft.

What is the least damaging hair straightener?

The least damaging hair straightener for fine or damaged hair should have a low minimum temperature setting and ceramic plates. Ceramic plates distribute heat more evenly and gently, reducing the risk of heat damage while effectively styling your hair.

What is the best hair straightener for thick hair?

For thick hair, titanium straighteners are ideal, as they provide the high and consistent heat necessary to tame denser locks.

What is the best hair straightener for frizzy hair?

Ceramic coated with minerals offers a smoother finish and enhanced glide. They are ideal for most hair types and are especially effective for those seeking to achieve sleek, smooth hair and combat frizz.

Is GHD the best hair straightener?

GHD is often considered one of the best hair straightener brands due to its long-standing reputation and the high quality of its products. However, while GHD has a well-established history in the market, there are also a variety of other brands that offer innovative features. 

Where to Buy Hair Straighteners in Ireland? 

Millies is the perfect destination if you're looking to buy hair straighteners in Ireland. Not only do they offer a wide selection of high-quality hair styling options from leading brands, but they also provide a range of hair care products. You can find everything from heat protection treatments to nourishing hair masks, ensuring your hair remains healthy and protected before and after styling. 

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