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High End Haircare with Kerastase Chronologiste
Tue, Oct 06, 20

High End Haircare with Kerastase Chronologiste

When I think of high-end haircare, I think of Kerastase. Since the mid-60’s Kerastase have been innovators when it comes to caring for hair and scalp, all the while, keeping luxury at the forefront of their design, and their offering of Chronologiste is no different.

Kerastase acknowledges that there are six signs of aging on the hair and scalp:

  •  Dryness
  •  Sensitivity
  •  Slack
Hair Fibre:
  •  Dullness
  •  Brittleness
  •  Becoming finer

Chronologiste addresses each and every one of these problems and then some…This is, in my opinion, their most opulent offering to date. Thankfully, it’s a range that not only visually improves the hair, but also improves scalp health and reconditions the lengths and ends turning the clock back on tired, brittle hair. A couple of years ago the most prevalent users of youth preserving skincare were women in their mid-late 40’s, now the average age is 26! A kind of ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach. It’s not just our skin that shows the signs of aging though, our scalp and hair join the party bus out of Youthville too. So why do we not treat our hair the same way we treat our skin? It is an extension of our image after all. When I was a teenager, I had a healthy mane of ringlets that I could grow down to my hip if I wanted, but now, in my 30’s, I have waves that struggle to grow past my shoulders. What has changed? Age. Hormones. Energy levels. All of which contribute to active, healthy cell renewal.

Above anything, I love when my hair looks and feels healthy and lush, which can be tricky to achieve when also dealing with colour loss…or heat damage…or hard water…or porosity, the list goes on. What is different about Chronologiste is that it is designed to replicate the same results on the hair, as anti-aging skincare has on the face and body.

It is rich in vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid, both of which are renowned for their healing, restorative qualities. The Hyaluronic acid hydrates the scalp and hair, whilst also making the hair fibre plump and luscious. Vitamin E improves sensitivity and elasticity in the scalp. It also protects you from external aggressors, free radicles, pollution, and UV damage. A real miracle ingredient is something called Abyssine, a regenerative, youth restoring molecule, that reinvigorates the scalp and rejuvenates the hair strand with a glossy, healthy finish.

A lovely option within the range is the Chronologiste Pre-Cleanse Regenerant which is fab for tired scalps, it gently, but deeply, clarifies the scalp and reduces the feeling of sensitivity. It’s gorgeous on tight scalps too, and helps remove impurities that can block follicles and slow down healthy growth. Follow that with Chronologiste Bain Regenerant, to strengthen the scalp and hair, remove pollutants and restore shine and manageability.

There is one conditioner in the range in the form of the lightweight, milk-like Chronologiste Masque Intense Regenerant which instantly revives your hair with bounce, strength, and up to 6 times the shine!

You have your choice of two after-cares with Chronologiste Thermique Regenerant and Serum Universal, both have significant and immediate beautifying effects. The serum works as a leave-in treatment which has all the benefits of the masque in a more lightweight format. Use it as an overnight serum too and it will give you an added anti-aging boost.

The Thermique, as the name suggests, will protect your hair from heat damage, up to 230°c to be precise, but it also gives shine, seals the cuticle and, my personal favourite, protects against humidity (does anyone else always say humidity like Monica from Friends).

Kerastase never fail to delivery, and here they have struck gold again. I love the way it uses skincare technology on the hair, and it is extremely effective. The fragrance is rich and decedent which is so important to me, I feel like if I don’t warm to the fragrance of something, I won’t use it, so this is a real plus for me. All in all, if it is an age defying haircare line you’re after, then Kerestase has answered the call.

Fiona, Haircare Educator at x 

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