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How to Prep your Skin for Summer with CeraVe
Thu, Jun 08, 23

How to Prep your Skin for Summer with CeraVe

With the arrival of summer, our attention naturally shifts a little more towards the care of our body's skin. Whether it's beach holidays, wearing swimwear or summer outfits and leisurely afternoons in the park, the warmer weather often prompts us to reveal more of our arms and legs. If your skin is looking a feeling a little dull and lacking vitality after enduring months of cold weather, don't worry. Gentle exfoliation and moisturisation will get your skin looking great!

Best way to exfoliate sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you may have previously found some exfoliating products irritated to your skin. Physical exfoliants like grains, fruit pips and nut shells can create micro tears in the skin and prove too harsh for sensitive skin types. 

To effectively address rough and bumpy skin, especially when dealing with conditions like Keratosis Pilaris, its best to choose a cleanser with natural, chemical exfoliants and humectants. CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser is specifically designed for both face and body, offering gentle exfoliation while preserving the skin's natural protective barrier. Infused with 3 Essential Ceramides, the exfoliating power of Salicylic Acid, and the moisturising benefits of Hyaluronic Acid,and is formulated to be non-irritating and non-comedogenic, ensuring a nourishing and gentle experience for sensitive skin.

Restore smoothness to sensitive skin

After achieving a smooth canvas through gentle exfoliation, the next step is to seal in hydration with a moisturiser. CeraVe SA Skin Smoothing Cream is the perfect partner to SA Smoothing Cleanser. It combines the benefits of the natural chemical exfoliant Salicylic Acid and 10% urea, a humectant that helps in improving the appearance of rough and bumpy skin patches. Urea is particularly effective in enhancing skin texture as it provides hydration while reducing the accumulation of dead skin cells. The inclusion of MVE Technology ensures that moisture is locked in, delivering long-lasting hydration for up to 24 hours. For soft and smooth skin, apply CeraVe SA Skin Smoothing Cream daily after cleansing the body.



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