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The Perfect Routine to Maintain and Care for your Blonde at home.
Tue, Apr 14, 20

The Perfect Routine to Maintain and Care for your Blonde at home.

Kerastase_blonde_AbsoluWhile a trip to the hairdressers may not be possible for the time being, there is no need to let your locks suffer, Blond Absolu is our ultimate answer to maintain and care for your blonde hair at home. Make the most of the extra time on your hands and give your blonde the care it deserves by perfecting your haircare routine. Enriched with a unique combination of Hyaluronic acid and Edelweiss flower, say hello to illuminated, stronger, softer and shiner hair and say goodbye to brassiness. Blonde hair looks its best when glossy and smooth. So what are the best ways to prevent dullness, damage and discolouration happening to your beloved blonde locks? We have four top tips to care for your blonde hair whilst you are at home:

Kerastase_Blond_Absolu_Bain_LumiereStart with a gentle cleanse
- Protect your blonde hair colour by using a gentle lightweight formula shampoo like Bain Lumière, perfect for hydrating the hair from root to tip, while illuminating blonde tones. Keep locks conditioned
- Conditioner specifically formulated for lightened hair will help your blonde last longer and maintain a great healthy condition. A restorative conditioner, like Cicaflash, will give a shot of care to your blonde hair, leaving it feeling silky soft and hydrated. If your hair feels extra dry whilst at home, leave your conditioner on for a longer period to really hydrate thirsty hair and replenish softness and shine.
Maintain your perfect tone
- A violet shampoo, like Bain Ultra-Violet, used once a week will help to neutralise brassiness and unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair, for a nourished cool blonde.
- If you are more of a ‘masker’ when it comes to conditioning your hair try Masque Ultra-Violet, deeply restore and nourish the hair fibre whilst neutralising brassy and yellow undertones. Leave on for 10 minutes for a flawless blonde with radiant shine and extra softness.
Perfect your style
Kerastase_Blond_Absolu_Cicaplasme- A leave-in heat protector can really help to care for blonde hair and fight breakage while helping to protect the hair from heat damage. Try Cicaplasme, a universal heat-protecting serum from the Blond Absolu range that offers up to 230 degrees heat protection and will help to condition and detangle your hair. Personally I have to say, this is probably the best blond products we have seen, Kerastase can has long been in our Top 15 sellers in the range. If you would like to look through Kerastase entire range, please click here



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