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Get to Know: Multi-masking Set from Environ
Wed, Oct 26, 22

Get to Know: Multi-masking Set from Environ

Your daily skincare routine keeps your skin looking great all year round, however sometimes you may find your skin needs a little extra boost and face masks have the power to do just that!

Whether you are looking for a hydration boost, a detox, or a little firming and tightening – there will be a face mask for you. in the Multi masking self-care set from Environ. We all know how important self-care is and with this set you can treat your ever-changing skin needs with this mask selection of dreams!

Whether your skin is feeling a little dehydrated, congested, flat and lack lustre or showing the signs of ageing you have a mask to whip your skin back into shape!

Revival mask Known as the ‘facelift in a jar’, this dynamic mask combines the use of three revolutionary Alpha Hydroxy Acids to lift, firm and dramatically tighten the skin. Asistic Acid promotes the synthesis of growth factors which are important tin the regenerative processes in the skin, lactic acid to promotes moisturising factors in the skin and Mandelic Acid to even out skin tone. Start by applying the mask for 10 minutes a couple of times a week and slowly build up to using the mask overnight for maximum benefits.

Hydrating Clay Masque, is a luxurious, creamy clay mask that absorbs excess oils while gently refining the skins surface, leaving the skin feeling smoother and more radiant. This multifunctional masque can be used as a quick, gentle facial micro-exfoliator (without compromising the skins barrier) or alternatively as a hydrating mask for 10 minutes or use overnight to decongest the skin. Use 2-7 times a week.

Purifying Anti-Pollution Masque is scientifically formulated with Japanese charcoal, kaolin and botanicals to purify pores by absorbing pollutants while moisturising and protecting the skin. Acnacidol helps to balance sebum in the skin which Phytofuse Renew will enhance wound healing, perfect for those who have stressed, fragile, sensitive skins. After prepping the skin, apply a thin layer for 20 minutes before rinsing off the skin and following with your Environ skincare regime.

Top tips Apply evenly – although it can be tempting to slather on oodles of product, more is not necessarily better. A thin, even layer is all that is needed to deliver the power results of a mask. Remember to include your neck and decollate – these areas take on the visible signs of ageing and dehydration and are easily forgotten in a skincare routine. Pay these areas an extra attention by including them in your mask application. You can even include your hands if feeling indulgent.

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