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Searching For The Perfect Gift? Here’s Why The Steampod Is Your Ideal Choice
Mon, Dec 06, 21

Searching For The Perfect Gift? Here’s Why The Steampod Is Your Ideal Choice

Now that we’re finally in the month of December, many of us are constantly thinking over various gifting ideas. Whether it be for your mother-in-law, your cousin, your longest friend or your girlfriend, it can take a while to find the perfect gift.

But look no further, because we have the perfect gift for exactly that: L’Oreal’s Steampod.

The Steampod is the go-to styler for limitless looks, from straight to wavy styles, it allows you to create versatile salon-worthy looks from the comfort of your own home, all with its patented steam technology.

There’s plenty of reasons to love the Steampod, so we’re going to take you through just a few reasons why the Steampod makes for the perfect present.

Prevents Damage

The Steampod is famous for preventing damage to the hair, as it uses moisture during the styling, and prevents the hair from absorbing further moisture from the surrounding atmosphere - without causing the same dehydration as other traditional heat stylers.

That’s a whopping 91% less damage and dries up to two times faster with additional smoother styling!

Effortless Styling

The lightweight Steampod allows you to create both bouncing waves and super sleek straight hair. To achieve bouncy waves, slide the Steampod down at an angle of 180º along the length of your section of hair, before allowing the hair to bounce back into a gorgeous curl.

To straighten, simply glide your section of hair slowly and gently between the plates - here you can take advantage of to integrated comb to provide discipline when styling.

Long-lasting results

Thanks to Steampod’s innovative technology, the exclusive steam delivery allows for continuous steam flow to ensure long-lasting results for your hair, whether that be in luscious curls or a sleek and straight finish. All of this, with extra shine!

It Suits Everyone

No matter what your hair type may be, what hair issues or concerns you may have, the Steampod is suitable for everyone. And while it suits everyone, it had the added bonus of less heat damage than other heated stylers, so it’s a win-win all round!

Whether you want to treat yourself this festive season, or know someone who would love to find the Steampod under their tree this year, you can shop it right here.

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