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Skin Congestion Part 2
Tue, Jan 23, 18

Skin Congestion Part 2

How to treat?

Squeezing spots might seem like a good idea. STOP! Get away from them! Picking at your skin can only lead to skin irritation and can cause scarring that will stay with you forever.

Instead, treat the actual source of the problem. Here are some tips from the Millies Skin Nerd:

Proper cleansing routine

Don’t laugh, double cleansing is the way to go.

What is Double Cleansing?

It’s the process of cleansing your skin twice in order to truly rid your skin of the daily pollutants, make up and sebum to promote healthy skin. Why twice? For the first cleanse we are using a precleanse oil, and it is used to remove makeup and all wax and oil based debris from the skin. There are a few different ones available, in forms of either oils or balms, and you’re better off seeking your professional skin therapist’s advice on the choosing the correct one for you. Sounds unreasonable to use an oil on an oily skin? On the contrary, oil cuts through oil – result? De-greased skin. The second cleanser should also be specifically picked for your skin. The skin is now clean-ish and free from makeup, this product can really target your skin concern, whether it being excessive oil production, bacteria, or even sensitivity.

Again, ask your skincare professional in order to properly prep the skin for maximum serum and moisturiser absorption. Benefits are pretty self-explanatory, one of them being reduction of congestion long-term and bright complexion pretty much forever and ever ;)

Exfoliating / micro-exfoliating

To ensure your skin is bright and free from congestion, you must ensure you keep it free from dead skin cells sitting on the surface of it.

There are many different ways to make sure those ugly dead skin cells don’t clog your pores. So many skins, so many exfoliators, don’t just pick any. Seek professional advice because this decision will actually change your life :)

There are daily ones or 2-3 times weekly ones. And based on different ingredients. So there is no rule of thumb. You need a precise prescription here :)

Light-weight or oil-free moisturizers

Here comes the main difference between the dry and dehydrated skins. A lot of people have congested dehydrated skin and use moisturisers for dry skin because it feels dry. And it’s far from it. You’re doubling up on the oils and increase oil levels in the skin, contributing to congestion. At the same time, skin is still thirsty of water so the tightness never goes away. Vicious circle? No. Use oil-free hydrating moisturisers to quench your skin.

Salicylic Acid

It’s your key exfoliating ingredient if you suffer from congested skin. It loosens the dead cells on the skin surface allowing for them to be sloughed off easily. But what makes it even better is the fact, that it loves oil, which means that it will do anything to find it, so it swirls deep into the sebum-filled clogged pores, exfoliates the pore lining eventually loosening the plugs and allowing for the oil to flow without getting stuck. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it calms inflamed acne breakouts as well. Another great advantage of this acid is the ability to minimise the pore size. Those clogged pores are full of dead skin cells mixed with oil, so they appear enlarged. Once we allow salicylic acid to do its wonders, the pores are not stretched out anymore and will appear smaller, so another great benefit of this powerful ingredient :) Last, but certainly not least, it PREVENTS any sort of congestion from forming in the first place. So a low daily dose is what is going to prevent breakouts on a regular basis. But beware, you have to find just the right amount a concentration for your particular skin to keep your skin at the right balance without drying it out.

Highest Quality Mineral Make-Up

The only option for everyone in my opinion. But especially for those with congestion/breakout-prone skins. As mentioned before, instead of filling the pores and clogging them, the mineral pigment particles sit on the skin surface, which allows the skin to breathe preventing blockages and congestion.

Lifestyle and Dietary Habits

Drinking water and exercise. Increasing your water helps to flush the toxins out from our system. 2 litres a day is a reasonable amount to aim for. Exercising speeds up that sluggish lymph and prevents it from spitting the dirty stuff out on our skin. Healthy diet, full of nutrients and antioxidants-packed products like vegetables, fruit, omegas, lean protein, nuts and seeds also reflects on our skin. So avoid all processed foods, chocolate, very spicy foods and alcohol and you’ll notice a massive difference in your skin’s clarity pretty instantly. Together, these few lifestyle changes help reduce the amount of toxins being eliminated through our skin, giving you healthy looking glowing skin.

Consequences of carrying on with the bad habits

Long time abuse will come to light sooner or later and there will be regrets.. so by no means you should underestimate them. What will happen :

Pores allowed to fill up more and more will expand so much that they will remain enlarged and the only way to treat them will be by a professional and needles.

Scarring from picking and post inflammatory pigmentation left by those spots will need chemical peels, maybe laser to get rid of.

Broken capillaries, only to be treated by laser.

Severe acne problems, not easily solvable by products alone.

The Perfect Products for dealing with Congestion:

The Perfect Services for Congestion:

Dermalogica Microzone Treatment - Quick, Targeted, great for those on the go! - 20 mins - €20

Image Be Clear Purifying Facial - Active Ingredients, dissolves excess oils, reduces blemishes, immediate results - €79

Dermalogica Medibac Facial - Deep cleansing, targeted, extractions, regulate oil production, detoxifies the skin and smoothing - €79



So, to sum it all up, preventing is better than cure. But if you already landed yourself on the desert of skin problems, then start treating it with high urgency. Visit your professional skin therapist to get your correct skin fitness plan, get started on your water, regulate your diet, stop touching your face. Treat your skin congestion like you would treat a wound, with care and precision.

Happy cleansing!



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