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GHD - Festival Hairstyles Inspiration


Braiding the top of the head and leaving loose waves free, creates a super chic boho look that will never go out of style. Placing rings down the centre adds an edgy take on a unicorn braid keeping hair out of the face, letting you party until the small hours of the morning.



1. Prep hair with ghd heat protect spray with UV heat protection.

2. Create loose waves throughout the hair using ghd gold® pure gold styler. Start by taking a section of hair, place the styler on the hair and turn the styler 180 degrees, then push downwards. Leave the ends straight for an edgier finish.

3. Alternate the direction of the wave throughout the hair, starting with the hair around the face and direct this motion away from your features to frame and flatter.

4. Next, create an inch thick channel of hair from front of head to crown. Add large chain rings to the section, threading the hair through and stopping at the point of the crown.

5. Create two micro braids to sit either side of the chain rings.

6. Secure into a high ponytail at the back and conceal the band by wrapping a small piece of hair around the pony leaving waves free for an undone look.

7. Finish with a spritz of ghd final fix hairspray to add shine and hold the look in.



Make bold and breezy plaits your next braid hairstyle with a super-cool set of Dutch braids. Inspired by the classic school girl pigtails, these braids have been given a boho makeover to create a look that screams out festival babe.

Showcase personality to stand out from the crowd with your braided hairstyle. Plait your hair using the Dutch technique for a pair of chunky braids, then loosen them out for an edgy undone finish. From the bottom of your head, create curls with the ghd curve® creative curl wand to complement the free-spirited vibe. Add pops of colour and glitter to the double Dutch braids for a festival look that will catapult this look into a hairstyle hacienda of its own.

Hail to the braids for your next boho look and nail the double Dutch plaited style. Get this braided hairstyle with our how-to guide.



Take your festival hair to another planet with a pair of space buns that will make you the envy of the campsite. Cheeky, cheerful and simple to create, space buns are perfect whether the conditions are hot, cold or wet.

Achieving that updo style is easy with ghd as your styling kit. Get the lift and oomph to build your buns by prepping your hair with ghd root lift spray and ghd total volume foam. Then, finish your look by framing your face with a few loose curls, using the GHD Saharan Gold Collection Classic Styler.

Push the boundaries with your festival hairstyle – ghd took Mollie King to the moon and back to create her very own festival space buns.


1. For a style like this to last all day, you need a good grip and hold in the hair so prep with the ghd root lift spray before blow drying. Then add the ghd total volume foam for lasting volume and fullness…as well as added heat protection when styling!

2. Split hair into a natural parting with fingers then create two ponytails.

3. Next, backcomb each of the bunches to create added texture and work each ponytail individually.

4. Twist the hair and loosely spin into a circular shape to create each of the ‘space buns’. Don’t be too precise with these movements – the looser and messier the better!

5. Secure in place with pins where necessary and pull out longer pieces of hair at the hairline sporadically for a chicer finish.

TOP TIP: Rather than spraying your updo once completely styled, try spraying your hair pins and grips with hairspray before putting them into your hair! I recommend using the ghd final fix hairspray.

6. Smooth out any frizz and add loose curls to the front hair sections using the  GHD Saharan Gold Collection Classic Styler and frame the pieces of hair at the front of the face using the styler too.


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