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GHD - Summer Hairstyle Inspiration


Don’t conform when it comes to your wavy hair. Join the millennial revolution with a set of mermaid waves, the wavy hairstyle every boho girl needs to rock. This beach-inspired style is all about having luxuriously deep waves with a shaken out finish to create a free-spirited, uber-cool look.

Bringing mermaid waves to your hair repertoire is effortless. Make sure your locks are prepped for a boho wavy hairstyle with ghd curl hold spray, then dry into your tresses with the ghd air® hairdryer for long-lasting ripples. The ghd curve® creative curl wand will bring that mermaid movement to your hair without the hassle.

Make a statement with your next wavy hairstyle, with this sea-stimulated look. Find out how to curl hair and create majestic mermaid waves with our how-to guide.



Get double the style points with a super-cute set of braided buns. This braided hairstyle screams out festival chic, working fashion wonders alongside your waterproof jacket and wellies combo to give you a look that’ll stick from the first act to the last. You’ll be the queen of plaited hair with this totally-twisted braid hairstyle.

Start by braiding hair at the nape of your neck, then take inspiration from the 90s space buns trend, getting those braids high up on the top of your head. Add pops of glitter into your braids for ultimate festival flair.

Double the braids and buns for your next plaited hairstyle. Achieve a boho braid look that’s sure to be the envy of every girl’s eye, with our double braided buns.

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