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iGlow Long Lash Serum

iGlow Long Lash Serum

iGlow Long Lash Serum is not available to purchase directly through the website. Call us 045 530 535 and  we can explain the correct application process, explain iGlow Long Serum Serum to you and we can then send you on a payment link to purchase your serum. You'll be delighted you did!!!!
iGlow Long Lash Serum will give you the long, natural eyelashes you've always dreamed of having.  This super effective serum gives you longer, darker and fuller lashes* without the need for false lashes.
iGlow Long Lash Serum has enjoyed massive success and stunning results worldwide and its now available at Millies.
How to use:
Apply serum on eyelids every night, where you would apply your liquid eyeliner and not to the roots of the lashes.
* Results may vary individually. Normal time for visible results 3 to 8 weeks.
We're sorry, we are all out. Check back soon!
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