Inglot X Maura Paradise Wild Eyeshadow Palette Coral Reef

One Size

Immerse yourself in Inglot & Maura Higgins new world of beauty with the stunning Elements Collection, the skin and eye collection of dreams. Inspired by mother nature, this collection will take you on a journey from the coral reefs to the orients, across the sandy deserts and beyond the cosmos. Bathe your skin in the warm glow of the sun and deep dive into the radiant world of the Inglot x Maura Elements Collection.


  • 100% Vegan
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • Skin Loving Ingredients

Discover the soft shimmers of the Coral Reef with this soft and dreamy eyeshadow palette, containing 3 smooth matte warm shades and 3 champagne shimmering hues.

This palette contains shades:

Deep Dawn, Aurora Glow, Phoenix Twilight, Gilded Dawn, Light Dawn & Honey Twilight
With Deep Warm and Burnt Golden Undertones. This Palette will take you from Coral Dream to heights of deep Shimmers and Bronzed Glories!

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