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Joico Blonde Life Duo

Joico Blonde Life Duo

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Blond life is a collection of home-care products for blonde hair that protects and detoxifies the brilliance and strength of hair that's been bleached processed or lifted while protecting against environmental damage and off tones.

This set contains:

Blonde Life Shampoo 300ml

An extraordinary Brightening Shampoo, free-from SLE/SLESSulfates .Gives a luscious lather that lifts away dirt and oil. After a good rinse, your comb/brush will slide smoothly and easily through your strands.

Blonde Life Conditioner 250ml

This deeply nourishing Brightening Conditioner immediately revives blonde hair without weighing your hair down. Each highlighted strand is left shiny and gleaming, giving you effortless detangling power.

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