Kemon Actyva Volume E Corposità Gift Set

Kemon Actyva Volume E Corposità Gift Set

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This Set Contains:

Volume e Corposità Shampoo | 250ml Body-building and volumising, silicone-free shampoo. Cleanses gently while respecting the scalp’s natural balance. Ultra-light, gel-effect texture with an abundance of substances that make the hair easier to detangle. Leaves hair soft, full of body and bouncy, from the roots to the ends.

Volume e Corposità Conditioner | 150ml Body-building and volumising, silicone-free conditioner. Treatment for fine hair with a fluid and ultra-light texture. Makes detangling easier and, thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients to create volume and body, it makes hair light and full leaving it soft and full of body..

Volume e Corposità Spray | 150ml No-rinse, silicone-free and alcohol-free body-building and volumising spray. Thanks to a high concentration of natural active ingredients that build volume and body, it makes it easier to create volume during styling, giving the mid-shafts more body. Makes hair detangling easier and provides a light styling effect with natural holdand a full, thick feel to the touch.

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