Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique

Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique



Formerly Voted Harper's Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2012 – Best Daily Haircare: "One of the best investments you can make for your hair, this prescriptive range of products covers your every need, from a boost of volume and shine through to a total transformation of any head of damaged hair that seems beyond help."

The Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique range is suitable for all hair types, but specifically colour-treated hair, and offers tip top shine, heat tone protection and bottom tone intensity. Inspired by chromatic sciences enriched by System Capture for protection intensity and shine.


  • Leaves your hair smooth and shiny for maximum light reflection from root to end.
  • Maximises longevity and radiance of your hair colour.
  • Preserves the colour depth and shine for up to 40 days with use of Chroma Captive 3-step system.
  • Contains Linseed Oil proven to reduce colour fading by 33% to 50%.
  • Vitamin E and UV filters protects against oxidative aggressors that can lead to premature colour fading.
  • Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique preserves colour depth and shine, while protecting against anti oxidant aggressors and premature colour fading.  Polishes your hair fibre from root to tip, leaving it smooth for maximum light reflection and shine.


  • Zinc Gluconate: Captures and locks- in colour deep within the hair fibre by creating strong ionic bonds between colouring agents.
  • Linseed Oil: Derived from the flax plant, this water repelling oil polishes and smooth the hair fibre from root to tip, leaving hair smooth and shiny for maximum light reflection.
  • Vitamin E+ UV Filters: Help fight against oxidative aggressors that lead to premature colour fading.

How to use:

  • Apply Kérastase Reflection Fondant Chromatique to washed and towel-dried hair. Work through the lengths and ends
  • Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly

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