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Mama Mio Lucky Legs 125ml
Mama Mio

Mama Mio Lucky Legs 125ml

Finally a mini spa treatment that glides on to instantly cool and ease tired limbs from knees to tip toes. Leaves a super-subtle sparkly-shimmer on your shins and a spring in your step. We really abuse our poor legs when we think about it from caring us around and what thanks do we give these little soldiers!

Who needs it? Any woman who complains about her tired achy legs and feet (who doesn't?). .

All of us can benefit from this amazing pick-me-up to feel instantly ache free and walking on air.

Customer Review:

"Lucky Legs - no lucky me for reading the article in the guardian and purchasing this wonderful, wonderful product. I drive 20 miles return journey each day and my legs (not pregnant) ache when the traffic is bad - not any more - found the magic. The smell, texture and overall feeling is great - so say a "pensioner".

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