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Philip Kingsley Tricho 7 Volumizing  Hair & Scalp Treatment

Philip Kingsley Tricho 7 Volumizing Hair & Scalp Treatment

An innovative formulation crafted from specially selected ingredients, these daily scalp drops encourage the optimum environment for healthy hair growth to keep your mane as magnificent as possible. Tricho 7 stimulates the scalp to extend the anagen (growing phase) of the hair cycle as well as inhibiting the activity that converts testosterone into more damaging DHT – the hormone often responsible for thinning hair. The formula is powered by a unique combination of seven trichologically advanced ingredients (including zinc sulphate and azelaic acid), each known to enhance the condition of the hair and scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. It’s also rich in antioxidants, including green tea extract, to soothe and protect against environmental degradation. Used alone or as the second step in Philip Kingsley’s unrivalled Trichotherapy Regime, these ingenious daily scalp drops will encourage hair growth, reduce shedding and impart enviable volume to roots to enhance fullness.
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