Spotlight Dental Floss For Decay

Spotlight Dental Floss For Decay

One Size

Spotlight Dental Floss For Decay is made from recycled ocean plastic and contains the active ingredient, Flouride, to remineralise and toughen the enamel and reduce decay Used daily this floss gently dislodges debris between teeth and prevents decay.

How to use:

  • Use approx 15 in of floss. 
  • Wind around your middle fingers, leaving only about 1 to 2 inches of floss to work on your teeth. 
  • Hold the floss taut and slide the floss gently between the gum and the tooth. 
  • Ensure it is held firmly against the tooth and rub along the surface of the tooth with a gentle up and down movement and carefully under the gum.
  • Follow this process for the remaining teeth moving the floss to a clean area as you move along.

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