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Spotlight Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush with Free Toothpaste.

Spotlight Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush with Free Toothpaste.

One Size
€118.00 €88.00

This bundle contains:

  • Sonic Toothbrush Rose Gold
  • Spotlight Toothpaste for Total Care FREE

Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush uses professionally designed sonic technology which allows the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush with an actual deep clean effect. Intense high frequency and wide amplitude brush movements ensure both toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to even the most inaccessible places. 

Its 2-minute self timer ensures you are brushing for the right amount of time. It is gentle and effective in removing plaque and discoloration, ensuring an amazing clean and a positive effect on your oral health. It also has an extra long battery life! 

Spotlight Oral Care Total Care Toothpaste is formulated to protect, desensitise and remineralise enamel. Using clinically proven ingredients, it combines the best active ingredients to combat the most common problems in dental health such as decay, sensitivity and enamel erosion. 

  • Whitens and Strengthens your teeth 
  • Contains the active ingredients fluoride and hydrogen peroxide
  • Leaves your mouth clean and refreshed

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