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The Inkey List Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment


White hair proportion decreased up to 56%*

Hair color is determined by a pigment called melanin, which our hair follicles naturally produce. As we age the follicles make less melanin, and this causes gray hair. Free radicals also interfere with hair pigmentation.

Whilst we cannot prevent the ageing process and consequently loss of melanin, we have created an overnight scalp treatment that helps to prevent and treat pigmentation loss. The result? Less gray hairs, when used consistently over a period of 4 months.

An innovative ingredient in the formulation, DARKENYL, which helps to reactivate and stimulate the pigment in the hair follicle, prevent gray hairs from developing by helping to reactivate the production of melanin and by controlling the levels of free radicals impacting hair pigmentation.

This hair treatment is suitable for all hair types who are showing any signs of graying. 

How to use:

  • Shake bottle before hand & use as an overnight treatment 
  • Apply product all over hair focusing on the scalp 
  • Leave on overnight 
  • Wash hair as normal next morning 
  • Consistency is important - use every night for results 

 *based on clinical study carried out on 2 men aged 18+

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