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thisworks Sleep on It Gift Set

thisworks Sleep on It Gift Set

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This gift set is the ultimate gift for deep restful sleep. 

This Works Gift Set Contains:

  • Sleep Together Calming Spray (5ml): This 99% natural, vegan pillow spray is designed to create a relaxing environment and it's suitable for the whole family and even your furry friends. 
  • Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (5ml): This pillow spray is sure to become your must-have sleep solution. It contains Lavender, Vetiver and Wild Camomile oils.
  • Stress Check Roll-On (5ml):  This relaxing scent is enriched with Eucalyptus to counter physical and mental fatigue, whilst Frankincense essential oil delivers antiseptic benefits. The Lavender oil helps those suffering from insomnia, nervous tension and hypertension. 

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