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VOYA Home Spa Gift Set

VOYA Home Spa Gift Set

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This Set Contains:

    Exfoliating Body Brush & Organic Cotton Pouch.
    Angelicus Serratus | Nourishing Body Oil - 100ml
    Essence Oil - 10ml

This limited-edition festive gift set includes VOYA's Exfoliating Body Brush to increase circulation, improve skin tone and energise the body, with our award-winning Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil which is easily absorbable and suitable for all skin types. Complete the at-home spa experience with VOYA’s beautiful spa scented Essence oil, can be used in your oil burner, bath, or foot spa.

Exfoliating Body Brush & Organic Cotton Pouch. VOYA’s Exfoliating Body Brush made with Cactus Bristles comes with an Organic Cotton Pouch. This natural exfoliating brush allows you to dry brush and exfoliate every part of your body gently yet effectively. The brush works to eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to leave skin looking renewed, radiant, and velvety soft. The brush will soften over time and use.

Angelicus Serratus | Nourishing Body Oil - 100ml. 99% Certified Organic Ingredients. Our super-hydrating body oil is enhanced with antioxidant Rosehip that helps to slow the signs of ageing and Evening Primrose, which helps improve cell structure and skin elasticity. Easily absorbed, skin feels firmer while maintaining suppleness all day long.

Essence Oil - 10ml. 100% Organically Grown Ingredients. Directions of Use: For Bath/Foot Spa: Fill bathtub to at least 1/3 full and add 10-15 drops. For inhalation: Add 1 drop onto a tissue. For oil burner or aroma diffuser: Add 10-15 drops to water dilutions. This set is packaged in a reusable tin gift box which is made from recycled tinplate. KEEP IT & LOVE IT FOREVER

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