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Voya While You Were Sleeping

Voya While You Were Sleeping

One Size
€122.50 €79.00

This set contains:

  • Dream Cream | Restorative Night Cream 50ml
  • 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth - Reusable x1
  • Bright Eyes | Regenerating Eye Creme 30ml
  • Lavender & Camomile, Relaxing Sleep Spray 10ml

Inspired by the dreamers, let VOYA look after you whilst you sleep. The combination of a night-time skincare routine, with a beneficial sleep is the key to looking and feeling your best.

Night creams are essential to hydrate and boost collagen levels to your face
and delicate eye area during the regenerating sleeping hours. This power duo will
work together to help increase firmness and support vitality. The finishing touch is a
relaxing pillow mist to help ease you into a deep sleep al- lowing our certified organic ingredients to activate and work their magic overnight. Natural night-time movement releases the relaxing essential oils whilst you sleep for continued therapeutic benefits throughout the night.

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