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YonKa Vitality Gift Set

YonKa Vitality Gift Set

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This Set Contains:

  • Pamplemousse PS 50ml 
  • Creme Mains (Vitality Hand Cream) 50ml 

YonKa Pamplemousse:

YonKa Pamplemousse PS is a light, fresh moisturiser suitable for normal to dry skins, lacking radiance. Citrus extracts & aromas boost both your skin and your mood while fine oils revitalise the skin leaving it comfortable and vibrant looking.

YonKa Creme Mains:

Take it everywhere you go to care for your hands, nails and cuticles. This ultra-comforting cream repairs and protects very dry and rough skin  via a specialized formula, a combination of Shea butter, vegetable Glycerin, grape seed oil, Bisabolol and vitamins A, C and E. A hand treatment gem that promotes their beauty and comfort. This handream is a great solution to fight the dryness of your skin caused by the overuse of using hand sanitizer.  

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