Why Laser Hair Removal

Our medical grade Laser is clinically proven to reduced hair fast and effectively. Our Laser hair removal treatment will save you time and money in the long run. Laser treatment reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and leaves skin smoother. Results CAn be seen almost immediatley. Shaving is encouraged in between sessions if required so there is no restrictions when it comes to hair growth.

Why Millies

Here at Millies we focus on being the best at everything we do! We are trained to the highest level and standard in every treatment we do and laser is no different!

Reasons to Choose us

1.Our laser hair removal machine!

Our machine is the best medical grade laser on the market! Our laser is the best for treating darker skin types and finer hair! Our laser is FDA approved to ensure a safer treatment for you! Our laser has a advanced cooling system that makes the treatment more comfortable for you.

2. Our education!

Here at Millies, we are trained to the highest level as laser therapists We believe that knowledge is power and we continuously train to advance our knowledge. We our proud to say that our laser therapist have obtained the highest qualification possible in laser hair removal.

3. Our pricing

Our pricing is flexible to suit all clients Our treatments are affordable and there is no hidden charges.


The amount of treatments required to achieve the desired results depends on each individual client.

A minimum of 6-8 treatments are required for most people.

Your therapist will explain this too you during your consultation!


Before your treatment. We recommned that you follow the following steps

Three days before, please lightly exfoliate the area. The night before your treatment, please ensure that the hairs are shaved as closes as possible to the skin. The area must be commpletely free from moisturisers, oils and lotions on the day. All tan must be completely removed before the treatment, If you arrive to your appointment with tan on, your treatment will be cancelled.

Hair must not be plucked, waxed or bleached for 4 weeks before the treatment. If you are using any active skin care products, please ensure that you stop using these three days before and three days after. Please avoid caffine close to the time of your appointment, as this can increase the sensitivity of your skin.

Important things to remember during your treatment!

If you need to, take a mild painkiller 1 hour before your treatment. (not ibuprofen) Try to distract yourself, chat to your therapist, this will help take your mind off it. You will be fully aware of the treatment process so you'll know what to expect. And breathe!.... its totally normally to be nervous, but you will be fine

Avoid contact with the area for 24 hours. Avoid hot showers/baths, saunas and steam rooms and any form of exercise for 24 hours. Do not apply any lotions, creams or oils to the treated area fro 48 hours and avoid exfoliation for 72 hours. do not apply fake tan to the treated area for 72 hours. Please wear a minimum of spf 50 if in any sunlight and avoid sunbeds.


How to make the treatment more comfortable!

Our laser machine, have an added advanced cooling system designed to make the treatment more comfortable. There is no other cooling system on the market like it.

Avoid caffeine before your treatment, this will make you more sensitive!

Try avoid having your treatment the week before or after your period. If you need more time, just tell your therapist, she will give you a break so you can relax!

Try relax yourself, you are in safe hand, the less tense you are the more comfortable it will be.


Our Machine

Our medical grade laser is clinically proven to kill the follicle in the fastest way. Our laser penetrates deeper to do this, maximising the effects of every session


2. Our medical grade laser treatments are quicker and more effective.

3. Our laser can treat all skin types safely.

4. Our machine delivers fast effective results!




Time line of your treatment

1. You will notice the hair begin to fall out within 14 days.

2. The hair regrowth begins to slow down.

3. You will notice that the hair growth has become finer and lighter.

4. Skin will become smoother and ingrown hairs will be no more.

5. Treatment intervals will become much longer.

6. By this stage results should be achieved and top up sessions will be advised by your therapist.


Delivering you premium laser hair treatments. Our medical grade laser is the best on the market for delivering fast and efficient results. We are determined to achieve the best possible results for you.


What we need you to do!

1. Pop in for a consultation with one of our therapist to discuss your treatment and have your patch test.

2. Begin your treatment. Your therapist will fully explain what to expect during your treatment and make sure that you are comfortable at all times.

3. Finish your course. With our medical grade laser, you will be required to have 6-8 sessions to achieve your desired results. Your therapist, will be checking your process throughout your treatment to ensure you are fully satisfied with your results.

4. Maintain your results. Maintenance treatments may be required 1-2 a year

Top up sessions

Maintaining your results!

1. This varies per person, you may be required to have a top up once or twice a year.

2.Pay for these individual sessions whenever you need them.

3. You are not required to purchase a course with your top up sessions


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