Before your treatment

Why do I need to have a consultation?

This is a first and most important step in your treatment. During your consultation our therapist will go through your full medical history, check your hair and your skin to ensure you are suitable for laser hair treatment.

This is also a time for you, to ask all the questions you mayhave regarding your treatment.

After your consultation, you should have all the knowledge on how the laser treatment works and all your questions will be answered.

You will also have a patch tests to check that there is no sensitivity to the laser and that you are suitable for the treatment.


What should I do before my laser hair removal consultation?

As we are doing your patch test to test the skin to make sure that no reaction to the laser will occur.

We do require some hair to be present at the consultation stage, so that we can assesses the hair type. We do also need the area to be completely free of all products and fake tan.


What should I do before my laser hair removal treatment?

Before your treatment, we recommend that you stop waxing, plucking and epilating the area 4-6 weeks before treatment, so that the follicle is fully intact and that there is enough hair to be treated. We recommend that you lightly exfoliate the area and ensure that there is no fake tan in the area. The night before your treatment, we recommend that you shave the area, as shaving on the day can cause the skin to be sensitive throughout your treatment and may limit the amount of energy we can use.

Do not use any moisturizers or lotions to the area to be treated on the day. 


Does laser hair removal hurt?

As with most clients, ther sensation will be different. Your therapist will make you as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. Our medical grade laser machine has an added cooling system, that helps decrease any sensitivity you may feel. Initially you may feel a few sharp burst, but this will ease as the treatment continues.


Do I need to avoid the sun? 

Yes! You must void sun exposure 4-6 weeks before starting you laser hair treatment. During your consultation, if you know you'll be heading away to the sun, please let your therapist know, so that she can advise you on your treatment plan. 


During your laser treatment!

How long will i need to leave between treatments?

This will all depend on your rate of regrowth. Each person will be different. Generally it will be 4 weeks for the face and 6 weeks for the body. As you hair growth starts to decrease, your therapist will advise you on how long you will need to leave it between sessions.


How can i remove the hair that regrows?

During your laser hair treatment, we recommend that you ONLY shave the area. If you wax or pluck the hair during teh treatment, the follicle will not be intact and therefore we cant destroy it during the treatment and the hair will regrow.


Can i take painkillers before my treatment?

You will not need to take a painkiller before your treatment, as your therapist will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during it. If you feel yous till need to, please do not take anything that contains ibphon as this will limit the amount of senitivity we willl see on the skin and could effect your treatment.


After laser hair removal treatment

What should I not do after my treatment?

After your treatment, your therapist, will give you a leaflet, detailing what you should and should not do.

Directly after your treatment, your skin will be slightly sensitive.

 We advise that you avoid the following.

Avoid hot showers/baths, saunas, steam rooms and exercise fro 24- 4 hours.

Avoid any perfumed products for 24 hours to the area that has been treated.

Avoid contact will sunlight and sunbeds while having the treatment.

Do not exfoliate the area for up to five days after having the treatment.

Avoid tight fitting clothing as the fiction can cause irritations


Should I shave after my treatment?

We advise not shaving the area for up to 48 hours after the treatment to ensure no irritation will be caused.

you may notice some hair growing, this hair is now in the shedding phase and will begin to fall out in 10-14 days. It is fine to shave this hair


Should I exfoliate after my treatment?

Yes! By lightly exfoliating the area, you are helping with the shedding process. We advise lightly exfoliating the treated area 2-3 times a week.


Will I need a top up session?

Yes! After your course of treatments and you are happy with the outcome, you therapist will advise you on top up sessions. This will vary person to person. 


Sun Exposure

Can I have a tan while having my treatment?

No tanning is not recommended during your treatment. If you arrive to your appointment with fake tan on your treatment will have to be rearranged.

If you have a natural tan, you will have to wait until the tan completely fades, which can take up too 8 weeks depending on the client.


Can I use sun beds?

Absolutely not! You will absolutely damage your skin if you use a sunbed during your treatment.

Your therapist will advise you on this during your consultation.


Can I use fake tan during my treatment? 

Yes absolutely! You can use fake tan before and after your treatment. We advise that 4-5 days before your treatment, you fully remove all residue of tan before you come in for your treatment.

If you come too your treatment, with fake tan on, your appointment will have to be rearrange

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