Anti-wrinkle Clinic 


Hair Extensions (Service will resume soon)

Gold Fever Hair Extensions € Price on consultation

Gold Fever are the only Hair Extension company in the world that owns its own supply chain, sourcing and processing every single strand meaning we can guarantee the origin, journey and treatment of the hair.

Condition: Gold Fever use a technique called OSMOSIS, this means the hair is not lightened using bleach, it is lightened using environmentally friendly products. No Silicone; Most Extension hair has silicone coated on the outside of each strand meaning the hair is lovely and soft when the hair is new but once washed a few times, the silicone washes off leaving Dull, dry, Hard to brush hair. Gold fever uses no silicone, this means our hair is as perfect on Day One as it will be when you get Gold Fever extensions removed.

Price: Because gold Fever charge by length you only need to buy the length required, saving you money. come in and have a consultation. We have over 9 lengths and over 20 colours, we can find your perfect match.

Gold Fever extensions will mimic the structure of human hair, they gently expand and contract exactly the same as human hair when wet or dryed, ensuring a safe, natural and harmless application.

Removal is also harmless to natural hair due to Gold Fever's new advanced protein formula

Blowdrys & Hair Rituals

Wash & Blowdry - Short €23
Wash & Blowdry - Medium €25
Wash & Blowdry - Long €30
Curly Blowdry €30
Luxury Blowdry €45
SmartBond Add to Colour Service €20-25
Smartbond is a two step treatment that protects the hair fibre during colouring & frees it from ions left by certain ingredients It has a blend of maleic acid, ceramides and polymers. Smartbond adapts to you, not the other way around, no changing oxidant or development time like other brands. The Bonus: softer, stronger and shinier hair, even when it is lightened to the extreme.  Does not included Blowdry
Kerastase Discipline In Salon Treatment 45mins €45
Frizz free-smooth Want healthy looking frizz free hair with humidity control? Do you have an hour?Then you want our discipline treatment! Our revolutionary approach is chemical free ad strengthens your hair while adding a healthy looking shine. The perfect pre-holiday treatment to help your hair cope with humidity and keep your hair healthy and shiny. Our treatment creates a second skin on the outside of your hair, unlike chemical treatments this does not change the structure of your hair controlling and taming unruly frizz and fly-aways   Does not included Blowdry
Kerastase Chronologiste In Salon Treatment 30 mins €35
Our necessary luxury Have you ever thought to treat your scalp just like your skin with regular exfoliation and hydration just like you would with a facial? Many people avoid conditioner at the roots because they are afraid of weighing down fine hair, but just like your skin your scalp requires moisturizer, a healthy scalp benefits from hydration. Now we have the perfect answer to give your hair attention it deserves, kerastase chronologiste have exactly what you need with a revitalizing pre shampoo scalp,hair treatment, a revitalizing shampoo, a luxury mask and a scalp and hair balm is everything you need on your quest for the perfect hair and scalp. Our luxury in-salon treatment will not only have your scalp and hair feeling hydrated, clean and light but also your hair shiny and soft. Does not included Blowdry
Kerastase Fusio Dose 5 mins €25
Five Minute Miracle ; Fusio dose is the first entirely customized ritual capable of resolving all your hair concerns. It adapts to your hairs needs. Your hair is fundamentally treated and instantly transformed. our kerastase in-salon Ambassador can prioritise any mix to suit you eg. reconstruction for very damaged hair add in a manageability booster & enhance your colour booster all for the same time & price. With over 20 combinations there are boundless transformations. But only one tailored for you Discover your unique prescription today
Kerastase Specifique Luxury Scalp Ritual 30 mins €40
Our newest treatment is a three step miracle First we bathe the hair using a clay mask for detoxification then exfoliate with our clarisonic brush to cleanse the scalp deep down up to 10 times better than a normal shampoo second we treat with a soothing mask to soothe the scalp thirdly enhance with our scalp treatment cures. one for each of your scalp concerns using the microniser it is a unique professional tool, giving rapid absorbtion of the cures thanks to its compressed air action. it diffuses the fluid in a mist of extremely fine molecules thus ensuring an equal distribution across the scalp here at millies we have 4 cures to choose from
Sensitive scalp ritual: soothing scalp discomforts for sensitive scalp concerns, helping soothe & hydrate the scalp, hair feels revitalized & supple. itching soothes for 98% of users
Anti-Hair loss ritual: Clinically proven hair loss efficacy for hair loss & thinning hair concerns. making the hair thicker & stronger, recapturing volume, shine & flexibility
Anti-dandruff ritual: An 8 week anti-relapse efficacy for hair with oily or dry dandruff concerns purification of the scalp, making it healthier & leaving the hair feeling softer & lighter
Anti-oiliness ritual: Scalp purification & lengths hydration for oily scalp & sensitized length concerns Intense nourishment of the sensitized area, enhancing a feeling of lightness, softness & shine on the scalp
Nioxin Scalp Microdermabrasion 30 mins €35
A healthy scalp=healthy hair. But our problems can start with genetics, everyday stress, hormonal changes and over styling all taking their toll on a healthy scalp. All of this can cause an excess build up of sebum which clogs and inflames your hair follicles leading to restricted growth and moisture which eventually results in hair loss. In the fight against thinning hair experts recommend our in-salon Nioxin microdermabrasion treatment for your scalp once a month If used with Nioxin home care, results are improved by 37%
Keratase Masques 10mins €15
Chroma-Riche masque: Nourishing masque that protects and boosts radiance for dry,highlighted or colour treated hair. Elixir masque: Precious, a pure gold, elixir ultime leaves your hair feeling weightless and smooth

Cutting Services

Restyle €55
Cut & Blowdry €48


Colour Service

Semi/Permanent Colour €78
Balayage & Blowdry - Short €119
Balayage & Blowdry - long €135
Ombre Colour Service €120
Colour & Floodlights 5pks & Blowdry €93
Colour & Floodlights 10pks & Blowdry €108
Full Head Easi Meche & Blowdry - Short €119
Full Head Easi Meche & Blowdry - Long €135
Half Head Easi Meche & Blowdry - Short €110
Half Head Easi Meche & Blowdry - Long €120
Masking & Blowdry €48
Add a cut to any colour service €19

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage 1hr 15 mins €85
A gently nurturing, specially formulated massage for mothers-to-be that deeply relaxes & gives mum a chance to truly relax and dream. Benefits: Relaxes, Comforts, Moisturises & Soothes. Our unique pregnancy massage is profoundly nurturing and tranquil. An intuitive, sensitive and relaxing massage refreshes & hydrates skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby.

Recommended Frequency - 1 treatment every 3 weeks

  • Dry skin
  • Tension
  • Aching muscles
  • Energy levels
  • Allows sensitive touch combined with comfort
  • Encourages a deep level of relaxation
  • Addresses emotional and physical concerns
  • Relieves tension in the back, shoulders, scalp, hands and feet

Peaceful Pregnancy Face & Body Experience

Peaceful Pregnancy Face & Body Experience 2hrs €145
A completely relaxing full body massage & facial using safe and effective pre-natal techniques to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying your beautiful bump. Benefits: Relaxes, Nourishes, Hydrates, Restores & Balance. Enjoy a complete top to toe spa experience, this unique treatment for mums-to-be, focuses on key areas leaving you feeling relaxed and truly pampered. Relieves tension in the back, shoulders, scalp, hands and feet, while leaving your skin hydrated & balanced.

Recommended Frequency - 1 treatment every 4 weeks

  • Dry skin
  • Tension
  • Aching muscles
  • Energy levels
  • Allows sensitive touch combined with comfort
  • Encourages a deep level of relaxation
  • Balances energy levels
  • Addresses emotional and physical concerns
  • Relieves tension in the back, shoulders, scalp, hands and feet

Post Pregnancy Reward

Reward Your Body   1hr 15mins €99
Congratulations you have done it. You have given the gift of life now its time to reward your body with a full body top to toe hot oil massage. Let us reawaken your body and mind and treat those tired eyes with added eye brightening treatment included.
Daddys Pat On The Back   30mins  €40          
Congratulate that new dad in your life with the pat on the back he deserves with a muscle melting hot oil back and scalp massage to welcome him into fatherhood.

Ultimate Gift Of Pregnancy

Give back for the gift of life, through her 9 month journey at Millies.

The Journey

You choose what treatment suits you, anytime, any month throughout your 9 month journey.

Treatment Choice (1hr)

  • Deluxe Pedicure
  • Peaceful Pregnancy Massage
  • Customised Pregnancy Facial
Who From: Perfect gift from partner or parent. €595 worth €765

Beauty Essentials -Face

Eyes & Lashes (Services will resume soon)

Occasional Lashes

Corner Lashes    5mins  €10
Last up to 12-24hrs
Half Set of Lashes   10mins €20
Last up to 12-24hrs
Full Set of Lashes   15mins €30
Last up to 12-24hrs

Semi Permanent Lashes

Full Set of Lashes 75mins €70
Refills 3-4 weeks 45mins €50
2 Week Top Up 30mins €35
Removals 20mins €20

LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes 70mins €65
By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes! *24 hour pach test required
Eye Brows

Phi Brows Clinic (Service will resume soon)

Phi is the latest technique in microblading on the market which creates hyper-realistic hair strokes using the slimmest blade on the market. The technique is intended for anyone who wants to correct the aesthetic problems of their eyebrows. We are delighted to have our Phi Brow specialist Kelley Dowdall who is Irelands leading Phi Brow artist. Kelley has been a make-up artist for 10 years working as a brand ambassador for industry leaders such as Y.S.L, BareMinerals & Jo Malone. She is highly sought after for her stunning artistry & professionalism. A master at her trade in both makeup artistry & brow design. The necessary aftercare advice will be provided to you by Kelley on the day of your appointment.
1st Treatment €285
2 Week top-up €150

We do not refill other salon's lashes

Eyebrow Shape  10mins  €15
Service requires a patch test for new customers
Eyebrow Tweezing 15mins €15
Eyebrow Tint   5mins  €10
Service requires a patch test for new customers
Eyelash Tint    15mins  €16
Service requires a patch test for new customers
Eyebrow Tweezing       15mins €15
Eye Trio    30mins  €35
Treatment Includes Lash tint and Brow tint and Shape
Deluxe Eye Trio     45mins €45
Relax and enjoy a mini facial with your eye trio. Your therapist will cleanse and exfoliate the skin, apply your brow and lash tint, apply a luxury hydrating mask, shape your brows and apply your moisturiser to finish off this treatment. 
Specialized Brow Service     20mins €32



Eyebrow Threading 10mins €16
Chin Threading 15mins €15
Forehead Threading 15mins €10
Full Face Threading 40mins €50
Lip and Eyebrow Threading 20mins €23
Lip Threading 15mins €14
Side of Face Threading 25mins €20

HD Brows

Full HD Service 45mins €45
Our High Definition Brow Treatment here at Millies is a unique 7 step brow-shaping treatment that gives you the ultimate in well groomed and defined eyebrows. Using high precision and unique techniques, we can transform your brows and lift the eye area. HD Brows involves 7 steps, including tinting, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brow products to sculpt your brows. Brow shapes are tailored to each individual coming in for their treatment. Most people can achieve a defined look immediately. However, sometimes it takes a few visits for your brows to be perfected and your therapist can put you on a re-growth programme if necessary.
Mini HD Brow -Maintenance 20mins €32
Our Mini HD Brow treatment is designed for clients who have already had the full HD Brow Treatment. This service is maintenance for your HD Brows to make sure that they are kept sculpted and defined. This service must be booked every 3 weeks in order to avail of the discount.



Customised Swedish Massage 90 mins €95
Customised Swedish Massage 60 mins €70
Customised Swedish Massage 30 mins €40
Deluxe Hot Stone Ritual 90 mins €100
Deluxe Hot Stone Ritual 60 mins €80
Deluxe Hot Stone Ritual 30 mins €50
Deep Tissue Massage 60 mins €78
Deep Tissue Massage 30 mins €50


Full Set of Gels/ Gel with Colour or French           €55/60
Gel Refills 2 - 2.5 weeks / 3 weeks €40/45
Gel Overlays €40
Nail Removal with no Reapplication €30
Add Shellac to Gels €10
Add Stiletto to Gels €5
Mini Nail Art €10
Midi Nail Art €20
Gel Refills another Salon €55


Shellac with cuticle Hands €35
Shellac with cuticle Feet €40
Shellac Removal €10
- Add French polish €5
- Add Vitagel Protein €5
Shellac removal (not done here) from €10

Manicures & Pedicures


Deluxe Manicure €45
Mini Manicure €25
File & Polish with Vinylux 7 day polish €20
Nail File €8


Luxury Pedicure €60
Restorative Pedicure €45
Mini Pedicure €25
Medical Pedicure - Callus Peel €80
Shellac on Feet €35
Make Up
Make Up  (includes lashes) €30
Foundation Match €5
Full Body Tan €34
3/4 Body €28
1/2 Body €28


Back Wax €35
Chest Wax €35
Shoulder Wax €15
Eye Brows €10


Hollywood €55
Brazilian €45
Californian €30
Extended €22
Standard €15
- Add 1/2 leg to any bikini wax €20
- Add full leg to any bikini wax €34
Full leg wax €40
3/4 leg wax €34
1/2 leg wax €27
Arms €25
Underarm €20
Eyebrow wax €15
Lip & Chin €20
Lip €12
Chin €15
Side of Face €20