The Speed Spa

Time. There’s never enough of it. That is why The Speed Spa delivers a condensed blast of Elemis expertise to make the minutes count whilst still also delivering maximum results, but in minimum time.

Face - Touch


Defying Gravity 30 mins €40
Want to achieve a younger looking skin – make the leap with this powerful anti-ageing fast-track facial. Say goodbye to wrinkles!
Defining Moment 30 mins €40
Time to shape up your skin with this tightening jowl and chin masks to help restore a more youthful contour to the cheeks and jawline area. Your skin will be left supple and supported – you, but in high definition!
What Lies Beneath 30 mins €40
This amazing resurfacing facial is designed to deliver powerful renewal to the skin, working in harmony with your skin’s unique cell structure. A healthy dose of potent enzyme action gives your skin a new beginning!
Good Clean Fun 30 mins €40
This trouble shooting facial is designed to tame an oily and blemished skin. The amazing ingredients wil work to detoxify, decongest and deep cleanse to give your skin a breath of fresh air!
Handle with Care 30 mins €40
Feeling delicate? Your skin needs some TLC!  Gentle, calming and soothing products are used to nurture and nourish even the most sensitive of skin.
Nutritious Auspiscious 30 mins €40
Total skin nourishment. This superfood and mineral-packed wonder of ELEMIS is where 'nature-meets-science' - the Elemis philosophy. It will feed every single layer of the skin to provide you with a healthy glow.

Face - Technology

Firm Favourite 30 mins €49
The ultimate in a lifting, firming facial workout! Tighten and tone with amazing scultping massage and microcurrent technology. Welcome your cheekbones and jawline back again!
End of the Line 30 mins €49
Say goodby to lines and wrinkles. This treatment is where microcurrent technology meets oxygen infusion to give the dermis a push start again!. Wrinkles are flooded with Hyaluronic acid to give skin a vigorous plumping, smoothing and a renewal.
The Big Reveal 30 mins €49
This super-cleansing treatment will re-texturise and soften the skin through the use of ultrasonic technology and light therapy. This new, improved skin was always there, it just needed a helping hand!
Sheer Brilliance 30 mins €49
An ultrasonic peel will pumps your skin cells full of good vibrations! Amazing galvanic technology will also flushes the skin with vitality-giving actives to leave your skin renewed and radiant!
Clear Objective 30 mins €49
A powerful anti-oxidant and inflammation reduction facial to help banish nasty blemishes from your skin. It is deep cleansing with the use of ultrasonic vibration and massage that will not only detoxify it will also decongest. Fast-track your skin to recovery!
Sensitive Subject 30 mins €49
Calm your skin and infuse it with oxygen. Soothing anti-inflammatories and gently light therapy will encourage your skin cells to grow in confidence and calmness leavig your complexion nourished and soothed.