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New haircare we are loving!
Thu, Jul 22, 21

New haircare we are loving!

Here at Millies, we are always striving to enhance our offerings to our customers, adding creative and upcoming labels, to sit comfortably amongst the globally admired beauty companies, that are the backbone of our industry. Because of the frequency of freshness on our site, some of the smaller, or newer choices may sneak by without you even noticing, so here are just some of our latest and greatest offerings available here at Millies.

Evo Professional Haircare

Evo is an innovative haircare company, from sunny Australia, designing honest and effective haircare suitable for all hair types. There entire ethos is centred around sustainability and eco awareness, the entire range is free from sulfates, parabens, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol and gluten, and all but four of their products are vegan. The ‘hero product’ in this range is Happy Campers, a wear-in treatment that protects, strengthens, and hydrates your hair.

Annutri Hair Supplements

We love when we hear of Irish companies making waves in new sectors of haircare, and Annutri has certainly done that! Annutri not only originates from Ireland, but it is also made here, something the company is fiercely proud of. These hair supplements come from a team background of haircare and science; a marriage made in heaven for healthy hair growth. Whilst never using fillers this supplement is jam packed with Biotin and multiple B vitamins, zinc, copper, vitamin C, horsetail, and a combination of nutritious grasses. We have just one product in the range, and new and exciting additions coming soon. Recommended to be taken for at least 6 months for best results. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Above Average

If you have not seen our super-sized offerings yet check them out for yourself, they work out as great value, and help to keep you stocked up with your favourite haircare products for even longer. There are so many options, from many different companies. Some are limited edition, such as, Kevin Murphy 500mls, and Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo which has 45% extra FREE.

Sticking around or the terrifically  popular Kerastase 500mls which are great value, and Color Wow Dream Filter 470mls which will remove build up and residue easily from your hair. L'Oréal have offers of up to 750mls which are amazing value, and also Alfaparf and Aveda have great offerings too.

L'Oreal Metal Detox

For our swimmers and hard water sufferers this is a God send! L’oreal’s newest creation is one of those products that forces the competition to up their game, with the most advanced technology to remove product residue, build-up, free radicles, excess oil, and most impressively, metal deposits which damage, dull your hair, and distort your colour, natural or otherwise. If you are being driven crazy by the constant battle with brassiness or muckiness/greenish hues try these on for size. Suitable for all hair types, and gentle enough to replace your regular shampoo.

Kerastase Curl Manifesto

While Kerastase is known the world over, you may not have heard of their newest edition Curl Manifesto, and quite frankly, it could not have come at a better time. Right now, the main hair trend we see across the board is to embrace our natural texture, no matter if it is the straightest straight, a subtle wave, or the curliest curl. But this is a special kind of newness from Kerastase, that gives both waves and curls the most beautiful, bouncy, hydrated, manageable, lustrous, shiny results. While suitable for all hair types, I find it works like a miracle elixir on the most coily and kinky hair types that usually struggle to control frizz and define their curls. There is also a great range of product textures, form oil to cream to gel, all deeply enriched with restorative Manuka Honey. Consider it a gift from the Curl Gods!

So, there you go, a little something for everyone and some real problem solvers! As always, if you feel you need any direction towards which products are best for you DM me on Instagram and I will be happy to help you further.

Fiona O’Connor

Head Educator, Haircare Department

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