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About Us

Your Irish Destination for Premium Beauty 

Founded in 2007, Millies is Ireland's leading destination for premium beauty products, offering expert led beauty for all.  
Millies was founded in 2007 by Kildare born beauty therapist and entrepreneur, Joann Mahon, started with a salon-based service specialising in advanced skincare. Seeing a gap in the market for the sale of professional beauty products online, Joann established the online platform in 2010.  Fifteen years later, stocks over 100 Irish and international luxury beauty brands and is the top Irish destination for anyone looking for the best in skincare, haircare and wellness. Click her to read Joann's story.
The Millies Customer Promise
At Millies we are fully committed to our customer promise. We promise to only stock products of the highest quality that will deliver results for our customers. To always offer our customers as much value as possible, expert advice, solution bundles, free gifts with purchase and fairly priced products. Dedicated ensuring the customer experience is as seamless as possible from the first touch point right through to receiving your products. 
The Millies Promise on Products
Millies only stock products of the highest quality, that deliver the results our customers want and need. Stocking only products that our beauty experts are 100% confident to recommended. Our clinical background, has enabled us to carefully curate a brand portfolio that has premium ingredients at its very core. We are continuously adding to our portfolio, our beauty experts are always on the hunt for new products with top quality and innovative ingredients.  
The Millies Promise on Value
At Millies, we focus on adding value for our customers through our expert led solution bundles, fairly priced products, regular free gifts with purchase & chocolates and treats in every order. We firmly believe that our expert led advice, that is available to our customers through instant chat, email, consultations, and social media is the best value offering we can provide.
The Millies Promise on Customer Experience
At Millies we strive to always give our customers the best possible experience, irrespective of where you visit us be that on our website, in store or salon. We are obsessed with ensuring that all customer touch points are as seamless and satisfactory as possible. We put enormous effort into continuously improving the user experience of our site, with our award-winning customer service team acting as the anchor for our overall exceptional customer experience. 
The Millies Promise to our People
An obsession for all things beauty is the most important criteria for becoming a Millies team member. This passion has enabled us to build an expert led team that our customers can trust.  At Millies we are committed to continuously investing in our people, we recruit and retain key talent with a love for beauty which positively impacts on the overall customer experience at Millies. Our philosophy is that a happy team equates to happy customers. 
The Millies Promise on Sustainability
At Millies we are committed to making big strives every year on our sustainable efforts. We have invested in a new suite of fully recyclable packaging; we have a full recycling process in place in our warehouse and have just joined forces with Clean Hub to remove plastic from the sea on Millies behalf.  We are also committed to growing our collection of sustainable products allowing our customers to make more sustainable choices. 

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