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It’s a very complex subject, but you need to understand the enemy in order to fight it, so let me put it into as simple terms as I possibly can for you. There are a few factors that participate in changes that happen in our skin. To give you an example – the famous collagen and elastin are proteins that stand for skin firmness and texture,while melanin is the substance responsible for the colour in our skin. All of the above participants can get in trouble when affected by diet, age, sun exposure, hormones, medication and/or inappropriate skincare products and...

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Take the Long Route to Ageing - Part 2

 6. Eat a healthy well-balanced antioxidant-rich diet. Studies suggest that eating plenty of anti-oxidant rich foods, mainly fruit and vegetables, soy products, beans, omega-rich products, flaxseed and many others can help prevent skin damage caused by the ageing process. Keep in mind that it is possible to provide everything your body needs to produce collagen by eating a balanced diet. By including some of the foods mentioned above, you will soon begin to see a difference in the quality of your skin tone, as well as have an improved sense of overall health. I am a strong believer of looking...

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Take the Long Route to Ageing - Part 1

Skin ageing is a natural but inevitable process that, unfortunately, we can’t stop. With time, we all get more and more visible lines, that become even more prominent the thinner and drier our skin gets. Our facial contours start losing its youthful fullness. The skin appears dull and lifeless. Why is that? Variety of factors contribute to the speed at which we age, some of them are down to genetics and medical conditions, others we can and should try to keep under control to keep our skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible. Certain poor lifestyle...

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Skin Congestion Part 2

How to treat? Squeezing spots might seem like a good idea. STOP! Get away from them! Picking at your skin can only lead to skin irritation and can cause scarring that will stay with you forever. Instead, treat the actual source of the problem. Here are some tips from the Millies Skin Nerd: Proper cleansing routine Don’t laugh, double cleansing is the way to go. What is Double Cleansing? It’s the process of cleansing your skin twice in order to truly rid your skin of the daily pollutants, make up and sebum to promote healthy skin. Why twice? For the first...

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Skin Congestion Part 1

Characteristics Of Skin Congestion: Often associated with spots and breakouts, congested skin actually consists of several different problems. It can start from all sorts of bumpiness under the surface of skin, through blackheads and/or whiteheads, angry inflamed breakouts through enlarged congested pores all the way to general thick and dull appearance and lack of healthy glow. Sounds like a big problem, but with a bit of TLC it can be rectified fairly quickly. Let’s get “under” the skin to understand the essence of the problem. Your skin’s oil glands constantly produce the sebum to lubricate our skin and hair. It...

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Best Vitamins to give you Healthy Glowing Skin

The benefits of Vitamins in helping the skin to glow and stay young, cannot be denied. If we nourish our skin with vitamins from within we not only work on the skin of the face but all over the body.  
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Foundation – Which One & Why??

Foundation is called foundation for a reason - its the base of your whole makeup look. So its not a beauty product we recommend you just casually pick up without careful consideration. So we’ve done all the work for you and here’s our top 5 picks of which foundation is for who and why??
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Elemis - Hot off the press

See what there saying about Elemis in the press this month!    
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Masks – Get The Best Possible Mask For The Best Possible Benefits

We all know that getting into the habit of cleansing, toning & moisturising twice daily is the best thing you can do for your skin. But what about when your skin needs that little extra something or a pick me up to ensure that your skin is at its best?
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Tan This Way!!

Don’t you agree that having a gorgeous glowing tan is like a tonic for your soul. You look glowing with health and even clothing looks better on with a tan. Well we have a few tip and hints to help you get the perfect tan at home. 
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Hair Saviors - Millies Top 10 Anti Breakage Products.

Shorter strands, frizzy chunks and little pieces of hair everywhere after you style your hair? Hair breakage is bad; it can make your locks look lackluster and make your hair a nightmare to work with. Like most beauty blunders, prevention is key. Turn to these products to stop it from happening in the first place. 
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Get your skin summer ready

Holiday season is now open so let's get our skin ready for the summer, our summer motto being to purify, balance, hydrate and protect. Our skincare regime needs to change just like everything else every season, so here is a blog on how to get your skin summer ready!
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hair loss

Nioxin – My Little Hair Hero……

Linda at Millies chats about a hair issue that she feels she is starting to see more and more of with clients coming into the store – Thinning Hair.  Linda tells us how Nioxin helped her when her hair started to fall out and how she couldn't recommend it enough. 
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Grey Matters….

Having very dark hair and lovely bright grey roots, that show themselves 2-3 weeks after I’ve coloured my hair, I have obviously tried every Root Touch Up product on the market. Not all of which I’ve loved but I’d really like to show you a couple today that have worked so well for me.
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UV Protection Made Simple

As we're coming into spring/summer season and tend to spend more hours in the day outdoors, UV radiation becomes the hot topic. Exposure to UV light occurs under everyday circumstances and can be a reason of sunburn, photodamage or even skin cancer. So what exactly is UV and how does it affect our skin?
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shiseido skincare & make up

Shiseido Skincare & Make Up Review

Shiseido is a Skincare & Make Up range that has been going strong for over 140 years and is the world’s oldest, most established skincare and makeup brand and maybe for that reason people assume that it’s for an older, more mature skin. This is DEFINITELY not the case. Women in Japan, where Shiseido originated, are famous for having the world’s most amazing complexions – and believe me this is not down to genetics. It’s because of brilliant skincare routines and products like Shiseido, that are more than 30 years more advanced than western skincare.
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We've had a busy week, last week

So much went on this week, mainly in our Kildare Town Store. So at the start of the week we got the remainding of The Ordinary Range online, this little range is one to look out for, we have already done a second order after our first week so make sure to keep an eye out on the site as afew bits have sold out but will be back in very soon. Its funny how you come accross brands,
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Shiseido Masterclass with the Beautiful Danielle Mahon

So we hSo we hosted our very first Masterclass this week in our Kildare Town store & we done it with non other than the beautiful Danielle Mahon. Danielle has been brand ambassador for Shiseido for some time now and is a genuine lover of both Shiseido's Skincare & Make Up especially their Synchro Skin Foundation (you need to try it, pop in to try it on).
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