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Bring The Salon Home With Millies
Thu, May 18, 23

Bring The Salon Home With Millies

Tops Tips to Bring the Salon Home

It’s great being able to pop out to get a blow dry, to your monthly nail appointment or for a gorgeous skincare treatment. But sometimes, whether it comes down to time, money or a busy calendar, it can be possible to fit everything in.

Which is exactly why it’s just as great to be able to bring the salon home, thanks to salon worthy products - it’ll be almost like the professional is in the room with you! From hair care to teeth whitening, check out just some of our top DIY at-home beauty treatments available on

Foreo UFO 2

If you really want to take things up a notch when it comes to your skincare treatments at home, look no further than the Foreo UFO 2.0, the ultimate supercharged at-home full-facial for an instantly nourished, naturally healthy glow from the very first use.

Offering professional results through the fusion of four technologies and full customization, the UFO 2 preps the skin with a combined relaxing signature T-Sonic™ massage for the hyper infusion effect - pushing active mask ingredients deeper into the skin where they can have the most significant and lasting effect. It also provides full-spectrum LED light therapy that revitalizes, diminishes signs of aging, and improves overall skin texture for that coveted smooth, soft skin.

Clinicare EGF Pure Mask

And for that added boost of hydration, the EGF Pure Mask from Clinicare. A soothing  face mask specially developed to give intensive relief, rejuvenation and hydration to troubled skin. It delivers soothing essence to the skin with a long lasting effect. This unique moisturising face mask can be used on even the most troubled skin without concern.

K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask

Dealing with damaged hair? Looking for a way to reverse chemical damage at home? This is the perfect product for you. The K18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask reconstructs the hair structure's interchains and intrachains and will not wash out over time, in fact hair will just keep getting stronger with each treatment. Clinically proven to restore hair to 82% original strength after just 2 uses. 

Hot Tools Volumiser Limited Edition Black

Speaking of haircare, what’s better than a salon worthy blow dry in the comfort of your own home? The Hot Tools Volumiser gives faster drying time and a smooth volumised finished look with the oval barrel, smooth flow bristles and vent pattern. A dryer and brush styler in one, the Hot Tools Volumiser allows you to create a straight yet volumised look or a loose curl. 

SOSU Cosmetics Salon Nails in Seconds with Nail Glue

No time to get your nails done? Well, there’s no need to worry, thanks to SOSU Cosmetics Salon Nails in Seconds. The ultimate false nails in an array of gorgeous shades and designs, each packet includes 24 nails in 12 sizes, adhesive, mini nail file, manicure stick and has an extreme gloss finish. 

Seoulista Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure

Fancy an at-home pedicure? Made from natural ingredients, this patented, double-layer foot mask is infused with rose oil, aloe vera and beeswax to soften and nourish your feet. The powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamin C, beeswax and Bulgarian rose oil heals, protects, hydrates and scents skin, nails and cuticles. After just 30 minutes, you’re ready to reveal soft, smooth and sandal-ready feet. 

Spotlight Teeth Whitening System

Developed by Irish Dentists, Spotlight teeth whitening strips are an easy to use at home teeth whitening system. Spotlight strips were developed with hydrogen peroxide, making them the only Teeth Whitening system in Europe to do so and an effective way to brighten your smile.