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KEVIN MURPHY hair care... Where do I begin...WOW is the first word that springs to mind when i think of this range,
As i learned many years ago Hair is the ONLY part of your appearance that you can control and be creative with and create Trend after Trend ,season after season.
We are all born with the looks that we were graced with from birth , BUT Hair is the only part of your appearance that you can create and change to make yourself feel nothing but AMAZING.
All colours and hairstyles in the Hairdressing industry can only be truly amazing when your foundation is the perfect Host for these creations....
KEVIN MURPHY is the foundation to your next "On Trend" colour and style .
The products in this range first catch your eye with the Pretty Pastel and pure organic Packaging , then once you start to divulge into their Shampoos & Conditioners you will see he has covered everyone's concerns from.. Limp Hair to Dry Hair to that person who finds their Hair is just "Too Damn wild and Unruley ",
The Shampoo and Conditioners are only the first layer to this Collection of Hair Magic, there is also a fab range of styling Products which would be even bigger than other hair care ranges,
There are Leave in Treatments, Lotion and Potions and come in Pump, Spray and Squeezable form, Not only have you all this to choose from , but then we have the more " medicated Range " which can be done as almost like a "prescribed Formula" for the Hair that needs to be restored and Recharged from the Follicle and Medulla of the Hair shaft,
But no Range is complete without their "quick fixes" or "Life Saver" Products too, KEVIN MURPHY has the most Amazing Dry Shampoos and Hairsprays that will keep that perfect Upstyle or Boho Blowdry in place for that Special occasion Or much needed "Night out with the girls"...
Call into us and check out the Amazing Range , and any other questions you might have...

Some of our most popular in the range:

* HYDRATE ME wash & rinse - Excellent hydration for Dry hair.
*BLONDE ANGEL - For those Blonde locks wants to keep any yellow tones at bay and gives a fabulous cool ash tone to the hair.
*STIMULATE ME - Scalp and Hair restoration, great for sensitive scalps and to freshen up lengths and ends.


* FULL AGAIN - Adds that fullness to freshly washed Hair.
* ANTI GRAVITY SPRAY - Volumizes the hair throughout the hair,
* KILLER WAVES - Enhances the natural curls and gives definition .
* LEAVE IN REPAIR -Repairs and strengthens sentized and tired hair.
Kevin Murphy

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Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair is a dry shampoo providing instant freshness to lifeless or greasy hair. By soaking up excess dirt and oils, it transforms limp locks into fresh, bouncy tresses. Kevin Murphy is committed to creating products that are kind to the planet, so for every can of Fresh Hair sold, a financial contribution will be made to reducing carbon emissions.

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