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Dermalux LED light therapy
Sat, Jun 08, 19

Dermalux LED light therapy

Dermalux LED light therapy 

This unique machine is a cut above the rest. It uses three clinically proven wavelengths of light to target the skin in different ways. 

Let’s start with the specific ways that these Clinically Proven Wavelengths works at. 

Dermalux Red Light  633NM

  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens your skin texture and tone 
  • Increases skin hydration

Dermalux Blue Light  415NM

  • Anti-bacterial action without irritation
  • Destroys the p-acnes bacteria in acne-prone skin 
  • Balances oil production
  • Helps blemish prone skin
  • Improves skin clarity

Dermalux Near Infrared Light 

  • Advanced skin rejuvenation benefits
  • Increases cell energy
  • Accelerates Repair
  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Reduces age spots and pigmentation
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Ideal for the most sensitive skins


Dermalux Tri-Wave Therapy

For enhanced and accelerated results, Dermalux Tri-Wave therapy delivers simultaneous wavelength treatments which are tailored to your skin condition.


What happens during the treatment?

Before the treatment itself, you need to have your face cleansed. Dermalux is then delivered via a machine containing the three different types of LED light, positioned towards the face. Each treatment lasts for around 20 minutes and with no downtime, you can simply get up and glow! Let the machine do all the hard work! After the treatment is complete the visible benefits continue even after the treatment has finished.

You don’t feel claustrophobic with the machine so close. The machine feels slightly warm, but not too hot or uncomfortable. The whole experience is, surprisingly, very relaxing as it forces you to sit still and do nothing. When you’re done, we will have serum followed by an SPF.


What makes the machine the best 

It is the ONLY machine on the market that is proven to treat all skin concerns by using its clinically proven wavelength. If the wavelength isn’t correct then the light doesn’t absorb properly into the skin cell, making it ineffective.

We are so delighted that we invested in such an amazing system to give you a facial without having a facial. Combining different types of LED light, the treatment helps with blemishes and skin irritation, fights the signs of ageing and can reduce inflammation, all at once.

How often should you have appointments?

I would recommend a course of six treatments with weekly intervals for optimal results, particularly if there are skin issues,. ‘The treatment time is 20 minutes and the glowing skin results are visible instantly, however it is also great as a one-off and incorporated into a facial treatments.’

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