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GHD - Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

Let waves and embellishments bring your bridal hair to life. A look taken straight from the red carpet, free-flowing wavy hair partnered with sparkling accessories screams ethereal beauty and will bring class and sophistication to your wedding hairstyle.

Achieve bridal beauty with ease by letting ghd be your styling assistant. Create covetable curls for your bridal hairstyle with the ghd curve ® classic curl tong , before transforming them into Hollywood waves by working through your hair with the ghd paddle brush.

Get that vintage Hollywood look on your wedding day with a luxe wave style that won’t look out of place from the church to cutting the cake.




step one: Create a deep side parting

Using the end of the ghd tail comb, create a deep side parting in your hair.

step two: Curl hair away from face

Curl hair by twist wrapping a section of hair around the ghd curve® classic curl tong and styling away from your face.

step three: Repeat in same direction across head

Repeat step two across all the desired hair, ensuring that you curl your hair in the same direction for each section

step four: Let hair cool and brush through curls

Once all the hair has been curled, allow your tresses to cool down. Then, brush through your curls with the ghd paddle brush.

TIP: Spritz ghd final fix hairspray on the ghd paddle brush before working through your hair to achieve a long-lasting look.

step five: Tuck one side behind ear and add embellishment

To finish your bridal hairstyle, tuck one side of the hair behind your ear, bringing your hair around to one side and then slide in an accessory.


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