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Ho-Ho-How to find the perfect haircare gift at Christmas
Wed, Oct 28, 20

Ho-Ho-How to find the perfect haircare gift at Christmas

I think we can all agree, 2020 has been a real drag, and I don’t mean the glitzy, fantastic kind. I’m not going to lie, for the first few months of lockdown I hit the leggings, ice-cream, and hair-ties pretty hard, but I missed feeling “dressed”, if you get what I mean. I have always dressed for myself, no one else, and wearing a nice top or dress and having my hair blow-dried makes me feel a hundred times better!

I didn’t actually realise that until I stopped doing it. After a personal lockdown endurance crisis, I started back with blow-drying my hair and I have to say, I feel so much better for it. I missed having freshly washed and styled hair. When I put down the scrunchy and picked back up my GHD I just felt more myself and better able to face the day.

For the second lockdown I will be hitching my wagon to Christmas cheer to keep my spirits up, and it doesn’t look like I’m the only one either. So what if it’s not even Halloween yet.

Bearing that in mind, I thought I would combine both of my lockdown saviours and do a walk through some of the different hair gift sets we have available at I generally hate talking about money on here, as I know people tune in to tune out, but this Christmas is a little different and I want to be as clear and helpful as I can to make your life just a little more stress free. On that note, I’ll include all price points, from stocking fillers to ultimate luxury hair styler sets.

Up first is stocking fillers, the super affordable Moroccanoil Mini Must Haves Set, it is an absolute steal at €11.64. It will help protect and condition lengths and ends, while the tinted dry shampoo will disguise root regrowth. There are two colour options, one for fair hair and one for brunette hair. The Blondage Christmas Cracker, also great value at €14.55, with miniature shampoo and conditioner that will help strengthen and tone blonde hair. I think my favourite though is the Olaplex Stocking Filler €26.68, it’s a trial kit of four separate high quality strengthening products, including cult classic No.3, all for less than €25!

Alfaparf really upped their game this year, with three hair products and a fab gift bag, for just less than €30. Their gorgeous Winter Collection is available in five different gift sets, meaning there is at least one suitable gift for all hair types. A very glamorous, professional quality gift, at a very reasonable price point. And that’s not the only great value gift around this price, Davines, Kemon, Joico and Pureology all have gorgeous offerings at a similar cost, between €29.39 and €59.75. Joico is a long-time favourite with blondes for its anti-breakage and high shine qualities.

If your loved one has a vested interest in sustainable, vegan and professional haircare then you will find a wide selection between Davines, Kemon and Pureology as they are ethical, morally led haircare producers that focus on local sustainable ingredients and minimising their carbon footprint.

Sitting closer to the €50 mark we have another one of my favourites, the Moroccanoil Gift Set contains four fabulously hydrating products in the most stunning travel case, with two separate zip pockets. Both the products and the case are a great size, and available for three different hair concerns, hydration, volume and strengthening, this set comes in at a very reasonable €48.35.

The most luxurious of our haircare giftsets, in my opinion, comes from Kerastase. I bet there’s no surprise there, Kerastase take their Christmas Gift Sets very seriously, and this year they’re more beautiful than ever. They have comprehensively covered all types of hair concerns with no less than seven different offerings available. From hair fall to hydration and everything in between, Kerastase have you covered, and then some. Prices start at €63.60. Beyond this point we start to look at hot hair tools from L’Oreal, Upgrade, Instyler and GHD.

The Instyler Glossie Brush is a great starting point for anyone not familiar or adept with using hot stylers. You simply pass it over the hair gently and slowly and it will smoothen and straighten the lengths and ends of your hair, it sits at a value of €87.29. The Upgrade Newave Triple is the perfect way to create easy relaxed waves in mid-length to long hair, by simply clamming and releasing the hair, and retails at €89.00. I feel these are two great options for teenagers who are just starting to take an interest in styling their hair, while they are of professional standard they are not the same investment as the more popular stylers on the market.

Without a doubt GHD is the most sought-after hot styler range out there. They have been at the top of their game since day one and are an awesome investment piece to have to hand. That being said, let me get down to their offerings for this Christmas, I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

First up is the GHD Glide, a sophisticated smoothing brush that acts quickly to calm and straighten unrulily hair. It has a heat protective case, professional length power cable and will shut itself off after 60 minutes. This is the most affordable of our GHD offerings at €144.53 for the gift set.

Next is GHD’s newest offering the Rise, which is a new favourite of mine. If it’s root lift, smooth with a curve, or soft waves you’re looking for this is the perfect Christmas helper. At €166.84 it’s a great price point for a multifunctional GHD styler, especially one that creates volume.

Christmas is a time for classic movies and classic style. For the first, I would recommend ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. For the latter, I would recommend the Gold Styler with Vanity Case. Really, once you go with the classic shape it is a matter of preference as to which styler you go with. I personally love the theme of this years offering, the deep navy and cool cream are just so lush. This one retails at €173.63 and is worth every penny. Whether it is smooth sleekness or textured waves that will fulfil your Christmas wish this styler will make light work of it, and free your hands up for a glass of vino and a mince pie in no time.

If you are looking for a truly luxurious gift, albeit with a luxury price tag (€380.24), I would recommend the GHD Deluxe Platinum Giftset. This GHD set is the ultimate treat for hair lovers and a uniquely beautiful offering. This one will have you in the good books until this time next year. Rarely do you come across something so beautiful that is also exceptionally effective. Perfect for the ultimate glam girl or guy who love to style and be styled. With the uncertainty surrounding salons this kit will make home styling an absolute pleasure. The combination of profession hair drier, professional heat styler (with heat protective cuff), and the rich vanity case is as opulent as it is practical. A sophisticated and glamourous gift to pop under the tree.

My final recommendation comes in the shape of The Steampod by L’Oreal. This is a styler that both controls and hydrates the hair. It is great for loose bouncy waves, or super sleek locks that won’t be compromised by humidity. It retails at €257.05 and is suitable for all hair types, especially effective on difficult to manage or damaged hair. Another investment piece that should have you taming your tresses for years to come.

I hope this has helped you understand what it is you are looking for and made it easier to navigate these unprecedented waters. Christmas will mean more than ever this year, and our time with our loved ones will be even more precious, so if I can help you to add some personalised sparkle, or be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch online.

Head Educator- Haircare Department

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