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Colour Protection from Winter Aggressors
Fri, Dec 10, 21

Colour Protection from Winter Aggressors

It is such a novelty now to have the luxury of a salon visit, it is important to protect your investment. Although we have touched on this topic quite recently, colour fade and lack of vibrancy and shine can be a real nuisance for the colder, harsher winter months, and so is worth visiting again.

Although some people embraced their natural hair after lockdown it is safe to say most women still colour their hair, be that with blending babylights, or a vivid, eye-catching fashion shade. So, of course it is important to make the absolute best of these efforts and keep your vision, and your stylists’ skills, as you intended; looking beautiful, bright, and full of shine. So, in addition to our previous colour in winter blog, below I have listed several haircare options for all types of coloured hair. Enjoy.

This gift set is the ideal match for those with coloured hair, who struggle with frizz. The damp Irish conditions we endure are less than ideal for maintaining sleek and sexy hair, and 20 minutes after leaving your house the wet misty weather can make your hair frizzy, dull, and double the size. The frizz fighting hero here is the Color Wow Dream Coat which is a heat activated anti-humectant, repels water molecules to seal in your sassy style.

It’s the Color Wow shampoo and conditioner which will champion your long-lasting colour though, with a sulfate and silicone free formula. It will illuminate your colour, protect the colour molecule, and reveal stunning shine. Suitable for all hair types just select your optimal conditioner for your hair thickness, and reap the rewards of healthy, glossy colour from root to tip, with zero product residue.

Pureology Hydrate and Pureology Hydrate Sheer

I spend a lot of time wittering on about how important hydration is throughout the winter months, but that’s because it is vital to develop and maintain the health of your hair. Pureology have hit the nail on the head with the Hydrate family, not only does is weightlessly nourish your hair, it also protects your gorgeous colour from fade and damage. This concentrated, 100% vegan formula defends against harmful external factors, adds moisture, revitalises your hair, and is suitable for medium to thick hair types.

If you have a finer hair type but require these qualities from your haircare Pureology have also created the weightless Hydrate Sheer for  fine to medium hair types.

Within the Christmas Gift Set you also receive a full sized Pureology Colour Fanatic Spray leave-in conditioner which offers environmental and heat protection, detangling, shine, and hydration.

Joico Dazzling K-Pak Reconstruction Duo Gift Set

If you have been a little over-zealous with your colouring exploits, or have heat damaged your hair even, Joico Dazzling K-Pak Reconstruction Duo Gift Set is a wonderful duo designed to repair and restore the strength and condition of every hair strand. Rich in Keratin and Guajava Fruit Extract it will work to fortify weakened strands, which are a common factor for those who frequently highlight, bleach, and heat style their hair. It is also super value for 2 professional grade products and they will work to restore winter exposed hair.

Kevin Murphy Angels Have Wings Gift Set

Specially formulated to strengthen and add volume to weakened coloured hair Kevin Murphy Angels Have Wings Gift Set is a treat for those who need to support fine hair, but find that most products weight their hair down. Angel Wash will gently cleanse and volumise fine and fragile hair types without stripping natural oils or weighing it down. Angel Rinse will volumise, nourish, add shine, and detangle damaged fine coloured hair. This is one of the most popular families within the Kevin Murphy Range and along with the Doo.Over styler will add volume and texture to fine, delicate, coloured hair. A lovely option for those who shy away from heavier conditioning products.

 Olaplex 4P Shampoo

If it is icy cool, conditioned blonde you are seeking then look no further, Olaplex has you covered. The newest edition to the Olaplex family this tonal shampoo is formulated to, first and foremost, neutralise brassy tones. A great winter option because as we know lightening your hair can cause weakness and vulnerability with the hair strand, which Olaplex, across the board, is specifically formulated to combat and repair. Adding this colour brightening, gentle cleanse shampoo to your haircare routine will help to fend off and repair damage caused by environmental interferences, colour and heat damage, UV damage and general wear and tear. Perfect for all hair types from fine and straight to thick and curly. Olaplex 4P Shampoo works to repair, tone, strengthen, illuminate, defrizz, add bounce, protect colour, and add definition, it is also vegan, gluten free, nut free, sulfate free, silicone free, and paraben free.

If you have any haircare woes that you just can’t seem to get on top of, please, get in touch via one of our social media and we’ll be happy to offer some guidance.

Fiona O’Connor,

Head Educator, Haircare Department

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