Olaplex's patented formula works on a deeper molecular level to repair damaged bonds in the hair that have been damaged by chemical, heat, and styling damage.

OLAPLEX can be used to repair damaged hair or in salon level 1 & 2 can be used during your colour service to avoid damage and breakage when highlighting or colouring the hair.

All other levels are part of your home care routine to ensure your hair stays in tip top condition between your colour services.
Skin Care

Olaplex No.0, the most concentrated of all Olaplex’s homecare offerings, definitely works best when used with the massively popular Olaplex No.3. It will stop breakage in its tracks, repair heat and colour damage and bring life back to lifeless hair. Thankfully, Olaplex has kindly let us sample that theory by supplying a 30mls tube of No.3 with this kit. A must try for those with split ends, heat damage or extreme breakage.

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