Olaplex's patented formula works on a deeper molecular level to repair damaged bonds in the hair that have been damaged by chemical, heat, and styling damage.

OLAPLEX can be used to repair damaged hair or in salon level 1 & 2 can be used during your colour service to avoid damage and breakage when highlighting or colouring the hair.

All other levels are part of your home care routine to ensure your hair stays in tip top condition between your colour services.
Skin Care

Olaplex No.3 250ml Super Size. Includes 50ml FREE Olaplex Hair Perfector Step 3 is a once-a-week take home treatment designed to strengthen and repair hair by working with the Olaplex system to rebuild the damaged bonds in your hair damaged by chemical processes, leaving hair feeling softer, and healthier. Only to be used as homecare if you have had the Olaplex Step 1 & Step 2 in-salon treatment.

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