Sat, Mar 14, 15

The Lowdown on BB vs. CC Creams

From BB to CC beauty products are flying through the alphabet faster than the tears are flowing on “Grey’s Anatomy” So to help you find which cream is best for you, check out or low down below.


BB Cream

Where did the BB name come from; well it is short for beauty balm and gained hugh popularity in Asia first before it hit our shores. BB Creams are all about focusing on skincare benefits, so a good bb cream is an all-in-one serum, primer, moisturiser, SPF and foundation all in one. Millies are definitely on board with BB cream thanks to its convenience, natural looking coverage and all its skin boosting benefits.

Millies loves : Jane Iredale Primal Affair


CC Cream

You know what they say, when the market gets saturated, well create the next generation of product. So this is exactually what happened with the introduction of CC cream. (Short for colour correction) You get all the benefits of a BB cream but with added ingredients such as Vit C to help with skin tone. CC creams in a few different variations as you can get different colour creams to counteract different underlying conditions. Only other order difference I find is you can get more coverage as there tends to be more colour in CC creams. More suitable for skin with dark spots, acne or uneven skin tone.

I do stress a GOOD BB or CC Cream.