Color Wow

Color Wow

The Color Wow brand was developed by Gail Federici, based on an award winning 25-year career that heavily featured product innovation. Gail believed in identifying customer hair issues and coming up with the perfect product to solve this issue.
Over the last few years the range has gone from strength to strength with innovative products that solve our everyday hair issues and has a product to cater for all hair types to ensure your crowning glory stay just that!
Color Wow Root Cover up has taken the world by storm and and is a huge seller world wide!
Color Wow

Skin Care

Now when your purchase this Color Wow Dream Duo, you will receive a 50ml Color Wow Dream Filter absolutely FREE! Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Sealant Spray is an award-winning humidity sealant that stops hair from becoming frizzy, even in the highest humidity. Activated by heat and keeps hair looking healthy and frizz free for 2-3 shampoos.

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