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The American Crew brand was established in the mid 1990s when hair stylist David Raccuglia realised the growing market in grooming for males. His idea was that men should have a range of products designed specifically for their grooming needs without compromising their masculinity. The first products in the American Crew range was produced after he secured a small investment. These days American Crew is one of the most prominant salon brands for men, the company is committed to men’s grooming, providing a stylish and effective range of products.

The American Crew Pomade is internationally recognised...

Here at Millies we chose the American Crew range because it offers solutions to the unique grooming problems faced by men daily. Its popularity around the world is testament to the effectiveness of the American Crew products. Developed in the mid 1990s and still going strong nearly 20 years later their  continual interaction with stylists and clients enables American Crew to develop and refine products so they continue to meet the needs of its users.

Millies are leading stockists of American Crew in Ireland and provide next day delivery all over the country.

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