Tue, Apr 21, 15

Millies tip of the week

For those of you who use the Bare Minerals products may or may not have been informed of the 'Bare Skin' brightening serum foundation. The first liquid foundation to be introduced to the Bare Minerals family. As well as being a foundation it also has its skin care benefits. The Bare Skin foundation promises brighter looking rejuvenated skin within two weeks and a natural illuminating finish that's suitable for all skin types which also offers buildable coverage. Containing active soil complex ingredients and a natural SPF of 30 the Bare Skin is truly makeup that's good for your skin!

However, not many people are aware that there is a certain technique to applying the Bare Skin liquid foundation. The Perfecting face brush which is sold separately to the liquid is a stipple like blending brush that contains a small well that absorbs the drops of foundation.

The recommended application process for the BareSkin is as follows;

1. Shake the 35ml bottle well enough as the product does not contain water or oil therefore there is no emulsifier and it will sit better on the skin.

2. Apply only two to three drops into the Perfection Face brush for each side of the face

3.While putting a little pressure on the brush blend in circular motions from the jawline up to evenly distribute the foundation around the face

4. Feel free to add more drops into the brush as you continue to build up the coverage you are satisfied with

Now you can enjoy the liquid while receiving the best finished result!