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5-Step Summer Self-Care Routine with PRAI Beauty
Mon, Aug 23, 21

5-Step Summer Self-Care Routine with PRAI Beauty

After a long and stressful year spent on Zoom calls and looking down at our devices, many of us are experiencing skin changes including premature fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and dull skin (hello, “tech neck”!). If you feel like your skin (especially your neck) could use a pick-me-up, you’re not alone!

With brighter, sunnier days around the corner and lower necklines in our futures, there’s no better time to start a self-care routine with products that target the areas that need a little TLC. We’ve created a 5-step summer self-care routine guaranteed to firm, brighten and tighten your skin, leaving you refreshed, relaxed, and ready for summer fun!

1. Nourish Your Neck

A great way to renew aging skin and prep your “neck & dec '' for summer, is to use a targeted neck creme like our bestselling Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme. Fortified with nourishing shea butter, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and our proprietary Sepilift technology, this bestseller is designed to firm, lift and tone your neck and decolletage with results in as little as 7 days. To apply, smooth a pea-sized amount into your skin using gentle upward strokes from cleavage to chin, and don’t forget to take it back behind the neck for a stress-relieving finish! Want to kickstart your results? Follow with the award-winning Ageless Throat & Decolletage Night Creme with retinol before bed for intensive overnight repair.



2. Use a Glow-Boosting Serum

In the summer, we tend to sweat more which can trap dirt and debris deep within our pores and cause breakouts and irritation. Swap out your heavy oils and rich moisturizers for a radiance-boosting serum that provides lightweight hydration. The fan-favorite 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Serum harnesses the power of real 24K gold to calm inflammation and supercharge luminosity while hyaluronic acid locks-in moisture. Vitamin C is our added extra for antioxidant protection against the harsh sun and environmental pollutants —  no wonder it’s our favorite serum for summer!

4. Make Time for Body Care

Don’t neglect the areas that can reveal age the most! Summer is the perfect time to ramp up your body care. Take your hands for example - after a year of extreme handwashing and cold winter weather, your hands could probably use some love. The Ageless Hand Creme harnesses the power of 10% macadamia oil to nourish dry, aging hands, leaving them softer and smoother with every use. Concerned about crepey skin on your arms? 


5. Look After Your Eyes

Don’t get caught without your favorite pair of sunnies! Squinting from the sun can cause crow's feet and fine lines. Combined with the drying effects of sport sunscreen and sun exposure, you could find the thin skin around your eyes aging faster than ever before! Make sure to use a hydrating eye creme, like the Ageless Eye Uplift Serum rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 to protect the epidermal barrier. Want bonus points?  This eye serum penetrates fast for a dramatic instant lifting and tightening effect. Eyes appear wider, smoother and younger in seconds!


We hope this routine leaves you inspired to get your skin summer-ready! We encourage you to set aside some time each day for self-care with your favorite PRAI Beauty products and see the difference in how you look and feel in just 7 days! By treating your skin to the nourishing ingredients it craves, you’re not only repairing past damage but preventing future signs of aging - now that’s something we can celebrate this summer!