5 Summer Travel Essentials From Our Skincare Expert Edele
Thu, Jun 09, 22

5 Summer Travel Essentials From Our Skincare Expert Edele

It’s officially summer, and whether you’re planning on taking a mini trip in Ireland or you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere where there’s guaranteed sunshine, chances are you’ll have a bit of packing to do.

Unless you’re super organised, packing can be a bit of a pain. So to make things a little easier (when it comes to skincare), we caught up with our Skincare Specialist Edele to find out what her top picks are when it comes to packing your skincare. 

First up, an absolute staple for going anywhere, especially on a plane, is the IMAGE Hydrating or Anti-Aging sheet masks. I love these because, if you’re lucky enough to be going on an airplane this year or even sitting in the car, you'll have time to relax and allow these masks to really penetrate and deeply hydrate the skin. You can buy the sheet masks individually or in a handy bundle of five. Check them out right here

For people who are not into decanting their larger products into smaller bottles, there’s two kits that I’m going to share that are fantastic. Think higher end skincare in smaller sizes that you can travel with.

Asap Summer Hydration Kit

This amazing set has a cleanser, two serums, the Super B Complex and Radiance Serum, on top of this it has your SPF and the Ultimate Hydration which is your night cream as well. Ideal for anyone traveling because it has your full AM and PM routine all in one. Shop right here.


IMAGE Peel Protect Repeat Post Treatment Trial Kit

Next we have this perfect pick from IMAGE. If you recognise this, it is because it’s the mini kit that you receive after a peel here at Millies. It has a full week of cleanser, serum, SPF, nighttime cream, which is the Max Stem Cell Cream and it has your enzyme mask as well. There are directions at the back for your morning and night routine, so there’s everything you need in one handy set! Shop here.


Murad Hydro Dynamic Quenching Essence

While we’re away, whether it be in Ireland or abroad, the sun tends to dehydrate the skin. So, it’s all about replacing that hydration. It’s the best thing we can do while we’re away on summer holidays. So, Murad Hydro Dynamic Quenching Essence is the perfect pick. It’s a beautiful, lightweight serum that pumps hydration back into the skin. It can be mixed with your serum that you already used or can be used as a pre-serum. Full of hyaluronic acid, it’s suitable for sensitive skin as well and will work to calm the skin down and give it that well needed glass of water. Shop here.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Moisture IQ

While we’re on the subject of hydration and moisture, I couldn’t not talk about Skin Moisture IQ from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. If you are on supplements at the moment and generally travel with them as well, I can’t recommend these blister packs enough. They break off into these little self-contained pods so they’re completely safe to travel with and you can just pop out how many days you’re going to be away for. `It contains Moisture Lock, Omegas and Skin Vitality. Skin Vitality is your multivitamin that will help with skin, hair, nails, energy. Your Moisture Lock is hyaluronic acid that you can digest internally, and the Omegas are going to look after things like your anti-inflammatory responses, your overall hydration and giving a glow to your skin also. Shop here.

Lastly, another thing I just have to mention here is SPF. It’s all about SPF! We have a huge range of SPFs on the site to suit anyone’s skin needs or skin concerns. I always tell people to bring a larger bottle of SPF and pack it in their checked in luggage, and ideally get something under 100ml for a carryon bag. The reason being that UV rays at a higher altitude are a lot stronger than just going around normal day to day life, so it’s really important that if you’re on a long-haul flight or if you’re on a flight for more than two hours that you’re able to reapply your SPF. We can do a lot of damage while we’re in the sky. Then packing your full bottle because it’s all about reapplication when you’re out and about during the day for longer periods of time.


Finally, enjoy your holidays!