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Back to Basics - Problematic Skin
Thu, Sep 07, 23

Back to Basics - Problematic Skin


Discover the Optimal Routine Recommended by Skin Experts for Problematic Skin

Problematic Skin is a general term used for mild to moderate breakouts on the skin. When the pores become blocked with sebum, dead skin cells and/or hair follicles, bacteria can grow and cause inflammation and irritation. Anyone can  experience problem skin, but below we will discuss products that can be used for combination/breakout prone skin. These products will deeply cleanse, hydrate, help maintain a healthy barrier keep inflammation under control.

Causes of problematic skin can include:

  • Hormonal Irregularity
  • Medication
  • Illness 
  • Poor Hygiene 

Cleanser- ASAP Gentle Cleansing Gel

Ideal for your AM and PM cleanse this was will thoroughly cleanse without drying the skin. It contains white tea as an antioxidant and aloe vera to calm irritation.

Millies Tip: Work your cleanser in for a good 60 seconds and don't forget the nape of the neck and hairline.

Toner- Alumier Bright & Clear Solution

A fantastic solution for brightening and helping to re-texturize the skin. Bright & Clear Solution contains lactic acid to gentle exfoliate and hydrate. Arnica offers healing and soothing properties.

Millies Tip: Apply directly onto the skin after cleansing, if particularly sensitive apply on a damp cotton pad before use.

Serum- Image Clear Cell Restoring Serum

Ideal for blemish prone skin as it combats shine as well as being extremely hydrating. This serum also contains peptides which are fundamental for strengthening the structure of the skin and promoting elasticity. Can be used AM & PM.

Millies Tip: Use the dropper and apply directly to the skin instead of applying to the hands first for a more hygienic application.

SPF- SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF 50

This lightweight silky fluid is ideal for skin needs protection with the added benefit of brightening and diminishing marks that have been left on the skin from both breakouts and/or pigmentation. SPF should be a non-negotiable for all skin concerns. So many brands offer oil-free and specifically formulated SPF moisturisers to suit even the most problematic skin.

Millies Tip: Apply two 'finger lengths' of SPF to cover face and neck, works beautifully as a primer for your make up.

Night Treatment/Creme- Avene Hydrance Aqua Gel

Hydration is so important to maintain a healthy and happy barrier. This Gel-Cream moisturiser calms, soothes and floods the skin with hydration. Apply over your serum in the pm or under your SPF for added moisture.

Millies Tip: This product can be used when 'slugging' the skin. Apply a thick layer on top of your serums or actives e.g. 20 mins after your retinol to seal in the products and help prevent moisture loss.