Dry Hair Be Gone
Tue, Mar 30, 21

Dry Hair Be Gone

I could throw a stone, blindfolded, and still hit someone who has a horror hair story, but, some of these hair scares don't need to be as frightening as you think. Take dry hair as an example, it's the roadblock to many a stellar mane of hair, when all that's needed is hydration. Granted, the amount of hydration needed varies from person to person but hydration is the answer all the same. This is not a concern that only thick or coarse haired people have to contend with, fine hair can be dry too, but we have solutions, none the less, that won't weigh fine hair down. Have a look at the selection of products below and see which moisture miracle can help you out.

Joico Hydra Splash

The perfect remedy for fine and dry hair, Joico Hydra Splash will penetrate the hair fibres with tiny molecules of moisture designed to have a weightless effect on your hair. It will help the smoothen the cuticle of fine, frizzy, and dry hair, without making it limp and lifeless. Heavy product is a nightmare for fine hair, so to have a lightweight and effective formula is the solution to a healthier mane.

Shop Joico Hydra Splash here.

Davines Oi

I tend to talk about this range a lot, mostly because it works beautifully on all hair types. It utilises Roucou oil to bring hydration, lustre, and life back to dull, drab hair. The incredible shine it gives your hair is eclipsed only by the manageability it provides. Your hair will be voluminous, moisturised, soft, shiny, lightweight, and easy to style. Great on all hair types from fine and limp, to thick and coarse.

Shop Davines Oi range here.

Joico Moisture Recovery

If you have thick, coarse, hard to handle hair, this range could be your perfect remedy. The rich, lush, intensely nourishing range is not only going to rehydrate dry, unruly hair but it will also strengthen brittle and damaged lengths and ends. Your hair will be more strong, immensely moisturised, easier to manage and, have increased movement and flow. 

Shop Joico Moisture Recovery here.

Alfaparf Semi di Lino Moisture

Here is a great option for tangle prone, dry tresses and best suited to medium to coarse hair types. The scope of application methods in this range really opens it up to different people, whether you're in a fix and need a quick leave in, or want to indulge in some self care time with a beautiful mask. The sulphate free shampoo works amazingly, and is perfectly suited to hair extensions too.

Shop Alfaparf Moisture range here.

Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme

If you are a fan of big colour changes, or lifting your hair several levels lighter, not only can your hair lose strength but it will most likely lose moisture too. Most strengthening ranges focus solely on depositing protein into your hair, which is absolutely necessary, but it can be tricky finding the remedy to the dryness your hair suffers too. Step up Blond Absolu, a super nourishing hair care range designed to completely replenish tired, worn out hair. This will revitalise damaged hair in an instant, through the hydrating properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss Flower Oil. You will see the quick return of shiny, healthy, flexible hair with stunning movement and flow. 

Shop the Kerastase Cicaextreme range here.

Shu Uemura Urban Moisture 

A lot of the time it is external aggressors which dry our hair out and can cause  harm to the hair cuticle. With the Summer months coming in too, we will thankfully be able to spend a little more time outdoors, walking, running, and tending to the garden. Unfortunately pollution and other free radicles can coat our hair making it dull and lacklustre. Urban Moisture is specially formulated to protect your locks from external aggressors and keep them beautifully moisturised from root to tip. 

Remember, when your hair swells in humid climates it is because it is desperately trying to absorb the moisture in the air around it. Beat it to the punch and deeply hydrate your hair to help fight the 'Monica' effect humidity can play on dry hair. 

Shop the Shu Uemura Urban Moisture range here.

If you need any further advice feel free to DM our team on our Instagram page and we'll be happy to help. 

Fiona O'Connor - Head Educator, Haircare Department