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Here’s How To Shop Black Friday Offers Like A Pro
Tue, Oct 18, 22

Here’s How To Shop Black Friday Offers Like A Pro

It’s *almost* that time of year again, our email inboxes will be filling up with deals and offers, while the deliveries begin to pile up at the door (for those of us who tend to fall into panic mode!).

But now more than ever, there are plenty of us who are opting to shop for essentials, rather than purchasing the first item we see that makes us ooh and ahh. Of course, there’s always exceptions, but in the lead up to the biggest shopping day of the year, there are ways we can make it that bit more enjoyable rather than allowing the shopping panic to settle in.

We’ve put the hard work in to ensure we have some of the best deals we’ve ever had at Millies, but we’ve also got our top tips to ensure that you have the best Black Friday yet.

Make Your List

No, you won’t have to check it twice, but making a list of needs and wants for Black Friday shopping will always be helpful. Look at your own routine and what’s missing, what are the essentials you need to buy? What would be nice for you to have?

On the other hand, this is the best time of year to pull out your Christmas list. Write everyone down, along with a couple of ideas of what they’d like. Then, once you see that your mam’s favourite perfume is 25%, you can whip it up to have it wrapped under the tree for Christmas. 

Research, Research, Research

You may think this takes the fun out of shopping, and while it’s nice to impulse buy every now and again, it’s best for Black Friday buyers to be planned and prepped so that nothing is missed out on.

You have your list, now it’s time to do your research. What is it you’re in need of? Have an event coming up that you know you’ll be buying new makeup for? This is the perfect time to think ahead, decide what’s going to work best for your skin and have the link ready to go. Thinking of buying your sister a gorgeous skincare set? Start dropping some questions here and there about what may suit her skin best. It’s all in the details!

Don’t Panic

Even if you’re online shopping rather than going out and about, there can always be an element of panic around Black Friday shopping. The fear of the product you’re after going out of stock is real, we know, but panic buying will get you nowhere.

Rushing and panic purchasing is on the same level as not being prepared, and not going in with your head straight.


Last but not least, enjoy! Although Black Friday shopping can be a little bit more intense than your regular Saturday strolls, it’s still great to be able to pick up a bargain and treat yourself or someone you love to a little something-something.


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